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It’s hard to be a female rapper – C-MI

French-born, Nigerian-born artist Adegoke Alice, popularly known as C.M.I. is a person who is ready to take the Nigerian and French scene by storm. C.M.I, who started recording under the direction of Mex Ossai in 2002, won Bitbender’s Freestyle Friday competition (in Lagos, Nigeria), where she got the beat for her first official single Nani from Sleekamo.

The artist, who lives in Malaysia, also appeared on shows alongside well-known Nigerian artists such as 2-Face, Terry G., Kelly Handsome, Morachi, Reekado Banks, CDQ and Skiibii.

When she talked about her latest single, “I can’t breathe mom,” I noticed that it was dedicated to George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protest. Speaking of her experience in the entertainment industry, she said: “It is very difficult to be an artist, let alone a rapper. Many people have told me to change my sound to be accepted, but then I know that my music cannot be accepted by everyone. This has helped me deal with many rejections. Unfortunately, I had people I did business with who undermined my efforts, but that’s all part of the process. I just hold my head up and keep moving; no matter what.

“I really hope that other artists and creatives learn to appreciate the efforts of everyone who does their best to bring themselves to the top of their art, and that they do everything to make their journey easier.”

As a well-traveled person, C.M.I. claimed that she was not satisfied with the situation in Nigeria. She said: “There is no need to gloss over anything. The truth is that I’m not happy with the situation at home. The Nigerian people deserve it better. We wonder when the change will come that we have always hoped and prayed for. The government needs to treat people better.

COVID-19: Why governments, others are more at risk – medical experts

Medical experts talked about factors that may put governors and other key political leaders in the front row of the coronavirus pandemic. However, they dispelled the falsehood that the incidence of COVID-19 among government officials or health workers is higher than many people assume.

They spoke against the background of the recent disclosure by governors who tested positive for the virus that they and some of their family members and helpers were infected. Developments also come when the World Health Organization (WHO) warned over the weekend of a possible increase in cases likely to follow the decision of African countries, including Nigeria, to reopen the economy and resume flight operations.

According to the director general of the Nigerian Institute for Medical Research, Yaba, Lagos, Professor Babatunde Salako, political leaders seem to be the most affected, “but that’s not the situation. It is not that the number is larger; It is only because these are the ones that the media usually report on. There are so many other people in the community who had COVID-19 that the press doesn’t know about it.

“This is because the press knows them (the political figures) and they too seem to enjoy the popularity and fame that comes with” I tested positive for COVID-19 “.

According to him, “they huddle together. If one person has it, it will be easy for others to contract. If they do not use their face masks and refuse to maintain physical distance, it will be easy for them to catch the virus. “

Osibogun added that physical distancing would make sure that the droplets fall to the floor before they reach the next person.”

But when the person is close to the other person, it can easily fall on the person’s face, “he said and added that the face mask should protect both the wearer from the virus and other people in the area from becoming infected with the virus.

However, Professor Osibogun explained that people with previous illnesses should avoid the crowd and crowded places, since infection in people with previous illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes is more serious to contain the deaths from COVID-19 among political officials at all costs.

He added: “Usually it is less fatal to people without a previous illness. However, if you consider all of these people (government officials), most of them have pre-existing conditions. Some may be hypertensive or diabetic.

“If possible, they should all avoid supermarkets unless they are sure that the supermarkets are not overcrowded.

Beware of buying stolen cars

Since I started this car maintenance / repair shop in the gritty streets of Mushin, Lagos about 40 years ago, there has been concern about buying (or having in custody) stolen cars. It was a situation that of course troubled me at the time. The embarrassment that it used to cause – especially the mechanics – and that it still causes can be confusing! Nothing but the crime of murder aroused a police officer in those days and to this day more than the suspicion that he has a stolen vehicle. Even when I emigrated to London, England, in the days when some stubborn teenagers stole cars for the psychotic purpose of “joyriding” (ruthlessly driving a stolen car to get the perverse emotional frills of driving), I was known and patronized by Some officers from my local Deptford police station have made sure that such impish children don’t come near my improvised workshop at Aragon Tower on Pepys Estate.

When I later left London for Los Angeles, USA in the mid-1980s and as a mechanical engineering / automotive engineering student saw the sophisticated identification technologies that were then placed under the addition of the famous engine and chassis numbers that I knew earlier I thought it was would be almost impossible to have more cases of car theft. But recently at the Lagos State Department of Transportation, VIO Complex Ojodu, I had the opportunity to electronically monitor some VIO employees and manually inspect an allegedly imported car before it could be approved for registration by the MVAA. I was really impressed with the skill of the staff, who I had to speak to officer Adeneye for a while, and then with engineer Toriola, a ministerial official at the directorate, who explained how to decode both technology and physical observation using eagle eyes the near-perfect deception that criminal elements are now using to properly re-formulate the unique vehicle identification number that is unique to each vehicle.

Most, if not all, of the vehicles involved in this scam – to the complete embarrassment of the supposed “owner” – are typically stolen and manipulated cars on site, which sellers often claim to have brought them from Cotonou. The truth is that given the sophistication the Lagos VIO uses to electronically query a car’s on-board computer and the barcode decryption technology at its disposal, it is impossible for such crime to go through the VIO in Lagos’ MVAA database , except for a vehicle that skipped the VIO exam before registering. I can only say that, can only happen as an inside job at MVAA, and if you get caught, your heads have to roll.

For this reason, I conclude this piece by begging my readers to be careful with characters who claim to bring vehicles for sale from Cotonou, especially those who claim to be security officers.

Edo Poll: undercurrents that can affect the result

Governor Godwin Obaseki of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and his main competitor, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu of the All Progressives Congress (APC), are the two most important gladiators in the election for the governor of the state of Edo, ready for an epic showdown on 19 September, Certain sub-currents appear to be fixed to determine the bottom line. Excitement and speculation are at the height of the fever, but after all signs the fight is not yet to be lost. However, each day gradually shows that the end result can follow some existential extrapolations.

On September 19, the state of Edo will go to the polls to elect a governor who will oversee state affairs for the next four years. You will either re-elect Obaseki, who has been at his record for almost four years, or choose his main opponent Ize-Iyamu, who incidentally was Obaseki’s challenger four years ago. In a two-horse race, the major political parties APC and PDP are on familiar ground, especially since the candidates of the two parties fought against each other in 2016. While incumbent Governor Obaseki had fought on the APC platform, Ize-Iyamu was carrying the PDP flag.

Today, however, fate swapped the platforms for them. Unlike in 2016, when Obaseki ran and won on the APC platform, he was in the PDP prior to the September 19 elections, while Ize-Iyamu, who was the PDP candidate in 2016, was in the APC which he had left six years ago to pursue his governor’s ambitions. Interestingly, both PDP and APC are aware of the importance of the September 19 governor election for the current state, region and country political equation and its future forecasts, which is why the two parties have set up high-level election committees to lead them to victory.

Haekins pens N10m deal with eTicket Solution

Despite the coronavirus pandemic that struck a chord in the music business of many musicians in Nigeria, Haekins’ afro-pop music sensation seems to benefit from this time when he signed a delicious contract with eTicket Solutions, a leading ticketing company brand ambassador.

The deal, which R had made to bring the singer about 10 million naira, was sealed on Friday after weeks of discussions between the singer’s management and the company in the newly acquired office of eTicket Solutions at Dolphin Estate Ikoyi in Lagos State. The baby-faced Haekins are presented in a newly integrated campaign for eTicket solutions, which runs on TV, print and online channels as well as in the store, as the block is loosened worldwide.

Explosion kills woman, 4 children in Imo

An explosion at a gas station killed a woman, Onyekpandu Ekeada, and their four young children in a suburb of Owerri, the capital of the state of Imo. The explosion also destroyed some fields in the area. The incident happened after a fire broke out on Wednesday evening at the Tiengo gas station in Umuoma Nekede in the Owerri West municipality of Imo state.

An eyewitness, Princely Onyenwe, told Imo State Deputy Governor Prof. Placid Njoku, who visited the weekend scene of the incident, and said the explosion occurred when the gas tanker unloaded its contents at the station. He said a wave was suspected of having led the flames toward a nearby building that belonged to Onyekpandu Ekeada and killed his wife and four children.

The deputy governor, Prof. Placid Njoku, condemned the indiscriminate installation of petrol stations in the state’s petrol stations. He said the state government was sad to receive news of the death of people in such circumstances, adding that the government would review the situation and take appropriate measures to ensure that such an incident does not happen again. “We will take action and implement existing laws to ensure that the state does not lose its citizens to the careless establishment of people who do not want to abide by the very simple rules of the state,” he said. Prof. Njoku was accompanied to the place of the inferno by the state commander of the Nigerian Security and Civil Protection Corps (NSCDC), Rajid Ibrahim.

COVID-19: Osun records 14 new cases, 2 deaths, discharges 4

The government of the state of Osun confirmed on Saturday the discovery of 14 new cases in the state. Two deaths were recorded, while four patients were released from the state isolation center on the same day after negative testing for coronavirus. State Health Commissioner Dr. Rafiu Isamotu announced this in Osogbo on Saturday.

The Commissioner found that the new cases were discovered in the state after contacting previous cases. Isamotu appealed to the citizens and residents of the state to always take all precautions against the spread of the virus set by the state. The health commissioner also announced that with recent developments, the number of confirmed cases in the state has increased to 165 with 95 active cases.

“With the latest development, the number of our active cases as of Saturday, July 4th, is 95. We have 165 confirmed cases, of which the state has successfully treated and discharged 63 patients, while seven deaths have been registered,” said Dr. Isamotu added.

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