‘See Wetin Corona Cause’ – 15-Year-Old Girl Promises To Commit Abortion On Her Boyfriend’s Request

Whether this girl did this just to gain attention or not, one thing that she and other people alike need to know is that what we post today on social media can come back to haunt us tomorrow

I know of a friend who failed a job interview even before it started because one of the interviewers recognized him from Twitter, as someone who was always posting pictures of himself smoking. And he was immediately told to give way for the next person

This lady Favour Mathias from Facebook at 15 years, is very young and has an amazing life ahead of her, but she seems to have been caught in the web of youthful exuberance. Having a boyfriend at 15 years and sleeping with him isn’t an ideal thing for her

Following her post on Facebook, she brags about having a boyfriend, whom she loves so much and would do anything for him, including having an abortion if she gets pregnant for him and he requests it

She proudly said that she could leave her parents for the sake of her boyfriend

She is currently enjoying publicity as many blogs have written about this, but as I said earlier she might have to answer for this action of hers in the future

Things we post on social media just don’t disappear, we should be guided so we don’t get to regret in the future

After some people bashed her she changed her name to Mhiz Fevvy, Some people have actually taken time out to advise her, see screenshots below

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