Good News For All Students, Teachers And Parents As House Of Reps Ask FG To Rescind Decision On WAEC

Good News For All Students, Teachers And Parents As House Of Reps Ask FG To Rescind Decision On Cancellation of WASSCE

Good news for all students, parents and teachers as the House of Representatives asks the Federal Government to repeal the choice to abandon WASSCE. It has been 4 months since all schools in Nigeria have been closed due to the overall COVID-19 in the country.

Many educators from non-public schools, like all sub-studies / sub-studies across the country, have been at home.

His most horrible play is that it is the private teachers who endure this all the more since the methods of endurance have become extremely troublesome.

Most recently, the government said it was reviving the school. Everyone was reassured by the latest update, especially the tuition-based school instructors who have been at home for more than 4 months. However, satisfaction was interrupted after reiterating that the federal government had reversed the choice to continue.

Recently, on July 10, the Board of Directors of Basic Education and Services, the Honorable Julius Ihonvbere warned the federal government to repeal its choice to delete the WASSCE 2020 assessments.

He said it was anything but a decent choice for the nation, that it would cause disarray in the educational realm, and error and disappointment for the Nigerian duplicates, and even guardians who might not want to postpone or to stop the advancement of their children.

The minister’s choice to topple the recovery was not made with the conscience of all the state governments that are responsible for the federally-owned Unity high schools.

Rather than change their choice for an open school, the science and technology department and the environment ministries should work out a plan together to treat all families, give a handwashing disinfectant and face covering. for sub-studies and instructors.

In the meantime, Akwa Ibom wishes to continue his studies, as indicated by the State Information Commissioner, Charles Udoh, who reported on Friday July 10, that guardians should give their children a veil because the resumption of school would be announced soon.

On this note, the Honorable Julius Ihonvbere urged President Muhammadu Buhari to guide all of his clerics to return to their different state, to work with their governors and to put in place a harmonious and direct arrangement of evaluation.

This is a good news for all teachers, especially private school teachers based on tuition fees and duplicates too

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