We will protest on Monday, says National association of private school teachers

Reports dropping this present hour is that the National Association of Private School Teachers (NAPST) have issued a declaration on their proposed protest. The protest which they issued will begin from Monday. The notice was issued on July 9, 2020 where the Chairman of the National association urged all private school teachers to come out in mass for the protest.

We all know these are trying times for schools and colleges, likewise the teachers especially in the private schools. Following the closure of schools Nationwide, most private schools have been unable to pay their teachers since three months now. Going three months without payment of salaries is something that doesn’t give joy. This non payment of salaries have triggered most of them to call on the government to help them. Most of them have had difficulties in catering for their families and this has put them in so much thoughts. Let’s see what happens as the protests commences on Monday dated July 13, 2020.

See the image of the signed protest below. The protest was singed on July 9.

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