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BREAKING;President Trump’s Niece Can Publicize Tell-All Book About Him, Judge Rules

Mary Trump can speak about the highly critical book she wrote about her uncle, President Donald Trump, about the President’s brother’s objections. A judge ruled Monday when he overturned an order that had prevented her from posting or distributing her work.

State Supreme Court judge Hal B. Greenwald in Poughkeepsie, New York, dismissed brother Robert Trump’s arguments that, according to an agreement that relatives had made to regulate her father’s estate after his death, Mary Trump was prevented from speaking publicly about family members.

The judge said that the confidentiality clauses in the 2001 agreement, “viewed in the context of the current Trump family situation in 2020,” … would violate public order as a prior restriction on the protected language … “.

BREAKING;Los Angeles County has more coronavirus cases than all of Canada, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti says

Los Angeles County, one of the most populous areas in the U.S., has more confirmed coronavirus cases than all of Canada, Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti said on Monday.

As of Sunday, Los Angeles County reported more than 133,500 coronavirus infections, while Canada discovered nearly 110,000 confirmed cases.

In recent weeks, there has been a record-high daily increase in coronavirus infections during reopening efforts in California.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has reintroduced health security restrictions, such as indoor dining and other indoor activities, to mitigate the rapid spread of the virus.

BREAKING;We must take action against the Trump administration’s attempts to gut our asylum system

On June 15, the Trump administration proposed changes to asylum regulations that would limit the definition of “persecution” so that almost no one in the United States would be granted asylum. The proposed change would effectively remove the protection of most migrants seeking asylum at our southern border and undermine our country’s commitment to upholding the basic human right to shelter.

As a volunteer who helped asylum seekers prepare credible fear interviews at a Texas immigration detention center last December, I saw firsthand the inhumane impact of the Trump administration’s ongoing efforts to restrict asylum seekers’ eligibility. Many of my clients – vulnerable mothers and children fleeing their lives – have been refused refuge and have been returned to their violent home countries due to the discretionary application of restrictive interpretations of the law that are very similar to the proposed new regulations. As inhumane, arbitrary, difficult and unfair as it was to receive asylum at the time, the recently proposed regulations would only worsen the chances for asylum seekers by codifying many of the overly narrow legal interpretations that had prevented so many of my clients.

BREAKING;US has world’s biggest Covid-19 testing programme – Trump

The United States has the world’s largest Covid 19 testing program, which is better than countries like India, China, and Brazil, said President Donald Trump, claiming that America has one of the lowest mortality rates.

The corona virus infected more than 33 Lakh Americans and killed over 1.35,000 people. This makes the United States the worst affected country in the world. Many U.S. states such as Florida, Texas, and California are struggling to curb the spread of the deadly disease.

Trump said the large number of positive cases were due to his government’s massive testing efforts, which were more extensive than any other country.

BREAKING;Congratulations to my friend on historic re-election: US President

Presidents Donald Trump and President OG Poland ‘Andrzej Duda’ in June at the White House.

BREAKING;US urging to stop using force along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border

The United States condemns the violence along the international border between Armenia and Azerbaijan and urges both sides to stop using violence immediately, State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus said referencing US State Department.

BREAKING;Widow of ex-Korean Air boss convicted of assaulting workers

The former chairman of Korean Air’s widow was suspended on Tuesday for assault and other ill-treatment by her chauffeur, security guard, and other employees in a case that extended a bizarre legal saga about the company’s founding family.

Seoul Central District Court found 70-year-old Lee Myung-hee guilty of ordinary abuse towards helpless “victims who were under her influence” and sentenced her to a two-year sentence, suspended for three years.

While the prosecutor had requested two and a half years in prison, the court said it was considering Lee’s age and acknowledged responsibility. It was not immediately known whether prosecutors or Lee would appeal the verdict.

BREAKING;Global vaccine plan may allow rich countries to buy more

Politicians and public health leaders have made a public commitment to fairly share every functioning coronavirus vaccine, but the world’s leading initiative to achieve this could enable rich countries to build their own stocks while reducing doses for the poor To make available.

Activists warn that rich countries will start hoarding vaccines in an undue race to vaccinate their populations without making more efforts to hold those responsible in politics, pharmacy, and health accountable. Following the recent turmoil in the US buying a large amount of a new COVID-19 drug, some predict an even more troubling scenario if a successful vaccine is developed.

Dozens of vaccines are being researched and some countries – including the UK, France, Germany and the United States – have ordered hundreds of millions of doses before the vaccines are shown to work.

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