I Notice my son spend so much time in his room, see what I caught him doing [fiction]

Please this story is not true in any aspect but a fiction. This picture is just for illustrative purpose.

My name is joy, am married and bless with a child. Junior was our only child, so we do all our best to take good care of him. It was junior 15th birthday, I surprise him with a smart phone, he was so happy, to have a smart phone.

Junior never get tired operating his phone, his behavior began to change, he started staying in his room for longer time, which was not always like that, i always try to ask him what he was doing in his room for long, but he replied nothing.

So one day I decided to check on him, it was 2am, it was still dark, I was about to use the toilet when I heard a noise and it was coming from junior room, I decided to check, to my greatest surprise, junior forget to lock his room door, so I sneak in , I caught him watching a particular video which is rated 18+ I was very angry and shock.


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