Russian nurse pictured wearing lingerie under see-through gown becomes TV presenter

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Nadia Zhukova evolved a viral sensation when she was displayed wearing lingerie through transparent PPE. She argued that she was too heated on the coronavirus ward, but her penalty was later cancelled.

Nadia Zhukova, 23, was discovered on a COVID19 ward putting on her underclothes through transparent Personal protecting dress while giving victims therapy.

She argued she was “feeling the heat” in the hazmat robe and was originally schooled by clinic managers.

But here penalty was revoked and an angry backlash from the community followed.

A close political compatriot of Russian President also footed in to help her as her revealing images flashed around the country.

Now Nadia has been recommended a position as weather-girl on her local Television station in Tula.

She will confirm in the predictions as she helps as a nurse and boosts her workout to fulfil her plan of becoming a physician.

Before she was assigned a position as a model for a Russian sportswear group, but she argues that nothing will prevent her from her adored medical business.

Of her new Television function on Vesti Tula, she explained: “It is an enormous thing for me. Thank you for allowing me to try. My parents will see it, in the evening, after work.” She said.

In May she was rapped for “non-compliance with the demands for medical apparel”.

But Tula province governor Alexey Dyumin, a tight backer of Putin and his retired escort, strongly supported her and her penalty was abolished.

Nadia acknowledged she was “surprised” when friends revealed to her how her underwear pictures were moving viral.

I guessed it would just be a fun point in my town, and that would be everything. As it happened – no,” she declared openly.

She was scared about painful statements broadcasted about her pictures.

My friends helped me and I thank them extremely for this. If it had not been for my pals, I don’t know how I would have overcome it all.

The assistance from Dyumin was “unexpectedly fascinating”. She proceeded: “After his statements of assistance, I felt much calming.

“I have no sweetheart, but my colleagues aided me as vastly as they could. I hope to proceed with my researches and become a physician. I am not worried to get contaminated.

“Despite all the failures, pressure, continual absence of sleep – we will gain a victory, I’m confident. The main stuff is to maintain an optimistic attitude.”


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