Things you didn’t know about the male organ

The male organ is a special part of a male as it is the origin of every generation. Most males too would think they know much about themselves but in actual sense they do not know. Below are few fascinating facts about the male organ that will surprise you.

1. It is twice as long as it appears to be. Most of the sizes you see are quite longer and bigger than they look. When erected, it could be far twice or sometimes bigger.

2. Morning tradition: I call it morning tradition since it is a common thing for all male to have such experience every morning.

3. It can be broken: just as you can break anything, if you are not careful, you could end up breaking it too.

4. No control: most persons does not have control over it. You may not know when it rises or fall.

5. When it rises, it does not choose specific direction. It could be in any angle anytime.

6. It is smaller when not in the mood but grows bigger when in the mood

7. Weather at times affects the flaccidity of it. Weather cold affect it being small or big.

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