Things that will make a girl hate you

– Flirt with her for weeks, or months and then completely drop out of her life without giving her a reason.

– Text her nonstop but come up with shitty excuse to bail on her whenever she asks you to hang out in person.

– Ask her to be friends for benefits when you know she has strong feelings for you and will totally agree to anything you say.

– Kiss her or make love to her and thereafter tell her you are not ready for relationship.

– Pressure her into having intercourse with you by making her feel she owes you something,when she really does not.

– Cheating on her instead of doing the classy things and then abandon her for someone else.

– Get her excited by sending the first text, and then ignore her as soon as she responds.

– Purposely get her drunk all because you think there’s a high possibility of you two eloping.

– Make her feel worse about herself for having feelings for you, though you led her for months.

– Saying things that you know can shatter her heart.

– Swear that you will never do anything to hurt her, but you always do.

– Flirt with her and leave out the fact you have a girlfriend, call her all sort of names when you are angry at her.

– Flirt with other women in a strange way to make her feel jealous.

– Ask her to get dinner with you, and make it unclear weather it’s a date or hanging out as friends.

– Ask her for nudes, save them and then show it to all your friends you know.

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