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Foldable phones are finally here to stay. Smartphones transformation seems to know no end, once upon a time, the Nokia 3310 held sway in the world of mobile phones, then came the generation of flip phones, however, today’s mobile

phones are mini computers by their own rights. Now we talk about phones that run with whole operating system, packed with heavy computing powers measured in RAM sizes and clock speeds that run into millions of hertz per second.

In 2019, the generation of foldable phones came into the sceen, starting a revolutionary change from the usual rectangular shaped devices, differnt manufacturers released their differnt designs, however, the volume of this generation of folding phones produced was low thus making them scarce in circulation.

It is however expected that by fourth quarter of 2020 to first quarter of 2021, the market for the generation of folding phones will definitely see an improvement because new companies have joined in the race to produce the standard for the folding phone “specie”, this drive by manufacturers to match each other in the production of the folding phone can only favor the expectant consumer with the production of a more mature and better device.

Huawei Mate XS

In early 2020, Huawei officially released the Huawei Mate XS which is the second in it’s generation of folding smartphone. The Huawei Mate XS is essentially an 8-inch tablet that folds outwards, when fold, it looks like a large regular smartphone with it screen on the outside.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is an improvement of the first Galaxy Fold, aceptability of the Galaxy Fold 2 has not been the very best, it is however hoped that the second generation of the Fold series will more durable as regards toughness issues.

It is also expected that the future versions of the Samsung Galaxy Fold series will have amongst other housing, a steel reinforced bodywork. In addition to this, consumers look forward to a larger screen.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Unlike other folding phones in this cartegory, the Surface Duo actually has two screens instead of a single folding screen, however Microsoft says it’s not due to be released until the last quarter of 2020.


The Xiaomi has a single screen that folds both ways to result in a smaller phone that slips nicely into the pocket.

According to Lin Bin, the president of Xiaomi, the device is still at it’s development state, but the company hopes to develop it further and release the customer version some time in the future.


During the CES 2020, the prototype of TCLs foldable phone was unveiled, the device which was already in usable form, featured a DragonHinge. Recall that the development of this category of device was first announced at the 2019 edition of the MWC fair.

However, the TCL phone which has not been christened, opens and shuts like a wallet with it’s screen on the inside.

TCL are yet to release a folding phone for the public, they have only shown various working concepts without actually producing them for the public.

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