Message To All 2020 WAEC Candidate

It’s no longer a news, that the 2020 WAEC exam is fast approaching, and adequate preparation is expected by the student.

The exam should have commenced long ago, but was been withheld due to the pandemic that is life threatening in the country.

However, now that the government has allowed that the exam should hold by 17th of August, all WAEC candidate should kindly take note of this information.

1) It’s time to stop reading your textbook, and now focus on past question, because now that the exam is fast approaching, there is nothing much you will be able to cover again, focus on past question

2) Start developing your handwriting, WAEC exam is not CBT base, once the examiner is unable to read what you write, that’s total failure even if you are brilliant.

3) When you get to the exam hall, make the exam confidential and do away with fear.

I wish you best of luck in your exams .

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