Revision questions and answers on biology for WASSCE candidates

Students who are about to write WASSCE should include the questions below while studying.

* The largest phylum in the animal kingdom is?

Answer: Anthropoda

*Biurets test is performed to show the presence of?

Answer: Proteins

*The term ecosystem refers to?

Answer: living organisms in a particular area.

*The instrument used for measuring turbidity of water is?

Answer: Secchi disk

* The function of ribosome is?

Answer: protein synthesis

* The theory of survival of the fittest was propounded by?

Answe: Charles Darwin

* The functional unit of the nervous system is the?

Answer: cerebellum

* White blood cells are also known as?

Answer: leucocytes

*The gas produced during decomposition of matter is?

Answer: hydrogen sulphide

* When a spirogyra filament is placed in a concentrated salt soln for 30mins, the cell would become?

Answer: Turgid

* In the test for starch,the leaf is placed in boiling water to?

Answer: kill and make the leaf permeable

* List the classification of fingerprints

Answer: whorl,Arch,Loop, Compound.

* Short-sight could be corrected with the use of ?

Answer: concave lens

* The axial skeleton consists of ?

Answer: The skull and spinal cord

* The sacral vertebrae is located in the?

Answer: found in the lower abdomen

* The pectoral girdle is found around the?

Answer: Shoulder in man

* Muscles are attached to bones by the means of?

Answer: Tendons

* List five supportive tissues in plant

Answer: parenchyma, collenchyma, sclerenchyma,phloem, tissues and wood(xylem).

* The sudden change in an individuals Gene which Is persistent, permanent, irreversible or heritable is known as?

Answer: Gene mutation

* Mention five inventors that contributed to the history of the cell

Answer: Robert Hooke, Felix Dujardin, Matthias schleiden, Theodore Schwan,Rudolf Von Virchow.

* Fat and oils are also called?


* The deficiency symptoms of iodine is called——– and the sources are——–?

Answer: Goitre. Source: sea foods

* The dental formula of a dog is?

Answer: 1=,C=,P=,M=42

* Define the following

Food chain

Food web






Trophic level

Law of thermodynamics






Reproduction and the types

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