WAEC To Start From August 17th; This is how students can study in a space of two weeks to get ready

Many candidates have been confused by the constant postponement of the examination.Candidates at a point get tired of the constant postponement, having feelings that the examination won’t hold this year, in a press release by the federal government recently, it will allow exit classes to hold, this pronouncement came as a great relieve, to students and especially to the WAEC candidates.exit class should include WAEC, Primary six and final year students, Jss3 not to be left out.The most talk about examination is WAEC, which has been causing controversys. I am here to reveal some secrets of English and Mathematics to WAEC students, so that they get themselves abraced of it before the examination begins, i will be starting with English, when it comes to English, candidates should be very cautious of this subject, it is a sinequanon, many candidates fail this subject as a result of poor preparation. It is a subject that is always tough to candidates but can be passed easily if candidates prepared adequately for it.

WAEC test candidates on the following topic; they are, Grammatical structure, Essay, letter writing, Orals, Nouns, Pronouns, the host of others. The objective aspect of English is quite easy but when it comes to the orals, Letter writing, it becomes problematic to students. Especially letter writing is very tough to students, as they are asked to write a letter in not less than 450 words, letter writing is about 25 marks, letter writing needs your ability to write, spell, make punctuations in the appropriate places, the creativity of the writer must come to play here, i know many candidates are afraid because of the 450 words involved in it.

WAEC candidates ability to write a letter of that magnitude, needs some vocabulary development before the examination begins, students should be conversant with their synonyms and antonyms, this will give the examiner relieve from stress of words not correctly spelt. Another subject i will like also talk about is Literature in English, this is quite a tough subject for art students, due its rules, such as the non use of past tense, which limits, many students from expressing themselves widely in the course of writing, Art students are advice to study their Literature very well be the examination begins.

Mathematics is another subject in WAEC that students should take note of, it is a calculation based subject, that gives students headache but don’t you get worried by the calculations, the question is how many formulas do you know as a students and the ability to use them to solve. The solution is for you to get WAEC Past questions and start using formulas you know to start solving them now, time waits for no man. Mathematics is a core subject and students should not fail it for any reason.

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