Core Maths, English questions that is going to help both final 2020 BECE And WASSCE Students in Ghana

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What preparation have you made so far to face 2020 BECE or WASSCE? Hope you are doing all your possible best.Everything on this world becomes difficult for you when you make your mindset like that..A lot of students have been able to pass their WASSCE or BECE, you can do the same.To be able to pass WASSCE OR BECE, you must put more focus on solving examinable questions to always keep your brains active.

Check below this article, selected English and Mathematics likely questions, topics that can drop in 2020 WASSCE OR BECE.Try your hands on these questions with friends or in group studies.

DISCLAIMER: This is not ‘’apor’’ or leak questions but are questions and topics that mostly or are likely to drop.

This section is for BECE final year students to solve(English Language)

Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word in each sentence.

1) All the pupils are skillful at the using the computer

A. Interested

B. Lazy

C. Expert

D. Happy

2) The parent who donated the books to our school wants to remain anonymous

A. Quiet

B. Rich

C. Unimportant

D. Unknown

3) Kofi is the most popular man in the village

A. Wanted

B. Respected

C. Liked

D. Feared

4) Issah is gentle but his sister is

A. Shy

B. Proud

C. Clever

D. Tough

5) The house by the sea had been abandoned

A. Deserted

B. Destroyed

C. Infested

D. Robbed

6) Most Ghanaians were optimistic about the Black Stars winning the African cup

A. Reasonable

B. Happy

C. Concerned

D. Hopeful

In each of the following sentences a group of words has been underlined.Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one that best explains the underlined words.

1) Your father’s car is expensive, my father bought his for a song. This means my father’s car was

A. A used car

B. Cheap

C. Beautiful

D. A gift

2) Fatima warned her brother that his friend had a loose tongue. This means his friend

A. Could not keep quiet

B. Could not keep secrets

C. Was a stammerer

D. Was dishonest

3) Mr. Taiwoo took the clerk to task for loosing the letters.This means that Mr. Taiwoo

A. Sacked the clerk

B. Blamed the clerk

C. Called the clerk a criminal

D. Gave the clerk another work

4) The quarrel got out of hand.This means that the quarrel

A. Became uncontrollable

B. Was prolonged

C. Became boring

D. Unhealthy

5) On seeing the headmaster, the girl took to her heels. This means that the girl

A. Fainted

B. Felt frightened

c. Ran away

D. Hid herself

From the list of words lettered A to D.Choose the one that is most nearly opposite to the word underlined in each sentence.

1) My father has a cordial relationship with all his neighbors

A. Harsh

B. Hostile

c. Scornful

D. Different

2) John’s latest play is rather dull

A. Interesting

B. Informative

c. Sensible

D. Educative

3) The feeble old man spoke for about three hours

A. Bold

B. Strong

c. Bright

D. Successful

4) The thief descended the stairs hurriedly

A. Consciously

B. Lazily

C. Slowly

D. Noisily

5) Everybody was happy because we had a fruitful discussion

A. Long

B. Useless

C. Short

D. Frank

6) The students rushed toward nearest entrance

A. Closure

B. Opening

C. Exit

D. Departure

From the alternatives lettered A to D, choose the one which most suitably completes each sentence.

1) Mary and Comfort are…………. arriving this weekend

A. Both

B. All

C. Either

D. Neither

2) Abu Kari prefers dancing ………swimming

A. By

B. For

C. Than

D. To

3) All …… you are saying is true

A. What

B. That

C. Which

D. As

4) Kofi insisted……. painting the house for us

A. In

B. At

c. On

D. With

5) This book is mine and that is ………

A. Your

B. Yours”

C. Your”s

D. Yours

6) If Asi had gone to Beseasi, she ……..her mother

A. Would meet

B. Would have met

C. Will meet

D. Had met

NOTE: take serious note on most nearly opposite in meaning, nearest in meaning, subject verb agreement and preposition well because you can never doge this topics, when writing BECE.Also try your hands on the format to write this essay and remember that clarification and neat works carries marks

Now lets look at BECE Mathematics likely questions and topics that can drop

Before going to write BECE mathematics, take note of these topics, they mostly drop each and every year.

1) Area and Parameter

2) Graph works

3) Simple Interest

4) Construction

5) Ratio and Proportion

6) Statistics ( mean, mode, median)

7) Venn diagram

Try your hands on these likely questions

1) a. E and F are subsets if the universal set such that

U- { natural numbers less than 15}

E- { even numbers between 1 and 15}

F- { multiples of 4 between 9 and 15}

i) list the elements of U, E and F

ii) Draw a venn diagram to show the sets U, E and F

b) In a school,1/10 of the pupils like mathematics.Half of those pupils who like mathematics are girls. If there are 240 pupils altogether in the school, how many girls luke mathematics?

2) Using a ruler and a pair if compasses only.

i) Construct triangle ABC with side |AB|=7cm, |BC|=8cm and |AB|= 9

ii) Draw the perpendicular bisector of three sides

ii) locate point of the intersection, o , of the perpendicular bisectors.

This section is for all final year students who is going to write 2020 WASSCE.

For WASSCE English Language, take note of Ananse in the land of idiots and no sweetness here very well.Please if you have finished reading, try to read it over and over to be able to remember some names and places mentioned in the story book.Get the story well and take note of literacy device used in the book.

For core mathematics, most students find challenges when it comes to this subject.Try to solve more questions with intelligent students, that you know or any teacher who can help you out.Take formulas also serious and let it be off heard.

Take note of these topics

1) Ratio and Rate

2) Binary Operation

3) Venn diagram( 3 sets)

4)Simultaneously Equations involving exponential equations

5) Statistics( class interval, class boundary, range, assumed mean, median and the rest)

Try your hands on this question and share it with friends.let me know if you have any difficulties in any questions in the comment box below. Wish you all the best

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