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Best Yahoo Dating Sites to Get Clients


So, after learning how to become a successful yahoo boy, your next step is to find the best yahoo dating sites to get your clients. However, I have done the job of picking out the best sites to bomb clients and cashout fast.

Note that it is not all yahoo dating sites that pay yahoo boys. Some of the sites do not feature clients you can bill easily like gays, old men, and old women that need love.

In this article, I have mentioned the tops sites that are best for yahoo dating out of the experience. Most of the successful yahoo boys use these sites to cashout without the client being stubborn.

I have also included the tools that you need whenever you have to visit any yahoo boy dating site for bombing clients.

Before we start, I want you to know that a VPN and a fake account are the most important requirements when creating accounts on any yahoo dating sites for scamming.

Requirements for Opening Account on Dating Sites

In this section, I expose the appropriate tools you need before you access a dating site for yahoo and avoid getting banned.

If you do not use the tools I mention in this article, forget about cashing out.

Below are the requirements to open a yahoo dating site account:

Fake ID Maker

Before you open an account on any yahoo boy dating site, you have to create fake IDs. It can be a fake drivers license, fake national ID, etc.

Simply, download the template of the country you want to use for scamming and edit it with the details that you want. For example, if you want your client to think you are from Dubai, you will download a Dubai ID and use an ID maker to design the ID and use it on your profile.

Some tools for generating fake ID are Canva, Photoshop, PicsArt (for Android), and Fake ID.


Normally, when you are searching for clients to bomb on dating sites, you will target clients in the US, the UK, Canada, and, sometimes, Wales.

For you to access their location 100%, you must have a VPN. A VPN also helps to keep you anonymous from being tracked by changing your IP address to a random IP.

If you do not have money for a premium VPN, you can settle for a free VPN, but I do not recommend free VPNs. The IPs that free VPNs carry are blacklisted on some yahoo dating sites for getting clients, which is why I do not recommend them.

Some of the best VPNs are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and TunmelBear. You can search Google or Apple app store for free VPNs that use foreign servers like the US servers if you have no money yet.

Fake Accounts

After getting your ID and VPN, enable the VPN, and set the servers to the country that you want to fake identity.

Visit the yahoo dating sites for billing that I mention in this article and start creating multiple accounts. You can even use hacked accounts or buy fake accounts from dark forums and the black markets.

Whenever you create a fake account, note that your information must match the country that you are faking. For example, if you are faking the US identity, your fake account will carry information like what you see below:

Name: Lucas Oliver

State: California

Preferred sport: Soccer and rugby

Likes: Animals and pets

As you can see, the information above shows that I am a foreign person and anyone would believe it unless I tell them the truth.

Good Mobile Phone or PC

If you have a mobile phone, it is okay to start using the best yahoo boys dating website to get clients. But a PC is better because it allows you to run big tasks like editing your profile to confuse clients and creating fake IDs with tools like Photoshop which will not run on mobile phones.

If you are using a phone, make sure it is an Android phone. Do not connect any Google account to the phone and do not install any application that is owned by Google, except Gmail.

If you own a PC, you must use a browser like Firefox for bombing clients on yahoo boys dating sites. You can install Socks 4 or 5 on the system instead of getting a VPN to make you anonymous.

Fake Phone Number and Email Address

You need to get a phone number and an email address that suits your account.

You can contact me for your USA phone number.

Best Yahoo Dating Sites to Get Clients

Alright, guys, this section is where I list the best yahoo dating sites you can use to bomb clients in the US, the UK, Canada, China, etc.

I have experienced each of these sites and can guarantee that you will find older and younger clients that are ready to mingle for dating.

Note: You must have good grammar skills before you sign up on the sites you find on this list or you install a tool like Grammarly for your PC or Android phone.

Below are the best yahoo dating sites to bomb clients:

Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is a goldmine for every yahoo boy and yahoo girl that wants to cashout from foreign clients fast. Since the arrival of Facebook in 2004, G guys have cashed out nothing less than $500, million according to statistics.

The reason I like Facebook is that it is an open community for everybody regardless of the country you come from. Before you open a fake Facebook account, remember to enable your VPN and create a fake ID you will use in case they ask you to verify your ID.

If you do not want to create a Facebook account, you can hack a Facebook account or buy foreign accounts online.

Meanwhile, I have written an article on how to create a fake Facebook account without getting blocked; check it out.

When you sign up on Facebook, wait for about 3 days and start joining dating groups.


OkCupid is one of the best yahoo dating sites to find clients.

If you want a dating platform occupied by horny old men, old women, and gays, join OkCupid.

Note that the dating billing works well on OkCupid, but you must lie to your client that you come from a country in Europe but Africa currently. You can tell the client that you are a nurse in the military and that you do not know when you will return to the US, depending on the country of your client.

Make sure you do not use the picture of a celebrity on your OkCupid account or you will be banned.


If you want your life to change as a yahoo boy instantly, just visit eHarmony.com, select a gender, and sign up with a fake account. If you are searching for older male clients, then your fake account must be a young female profile. If you are searching for older women to scam, your account will be a young male account between 20 and 30 years old.

eHarmony contains a lot of white and black Americans that are desperate to find lovers online. Just pretend to be looking for love or sugar daddy and you will cash out.

Note that you must pretend to be poor so that the client will not request a video call or too many pictures of you.


What I like about Match.com is that once you visit the website, they will ask for your ZIP code to match you with the next available client to collect bank details.

How I make money on Match.com is that I sign up as female searching for an older male, I lie to the men that I am an American that is currently in Africa, they send me money to carter for myself until I return to the US.

Sometimes, I create male accounts and target males that are interested in males. I discovered that gay clients pay even more than clients that are not gays.

On Match.com, the security is strict, but you can cashout easily if you do not blow your cover on the yahoo boy dating site.


If you are looking for the best yahoo site for dating and billing clients, then you must sign up on Tinder.

Tinder is also strict when it comes to banning fake accounts, so you must be careful with how you deal on the platform. Typically, when I find a client on Tinder, I move the client to Gmail so that they will forget about my Tinder account.

I also tell the client that I will not log in to my Tinder account again because my phone has a problem. If the client is rich, they will send money for a new phone instantly.

Plenty of Fish

Maybe this is your first time coming across a yahoo site for dating like Plenty of Fish. It is one of the top sites for bombing clients with millions of users.

Some of the users are interested in the same sex and they can pay any amount of money to see you on pictures or video calls.

You will also find Indians on POF (Plenty of Fish) but do not with them because most of them are also into yahoo dating.

How to Get a Client on Yahoo Dating Site

Most hustlers have a problem with finding clients, especially clients that pay.

In this section, I expose the general solution you need to succeed on any dating platform and bill your clients.

Below are steps to get clients on yahoo dating sites:

Create a Real Profile

The most important thing you need to get clients on a yahoo dating site is a real profile. After all, if your profile is fake, your account will be blocked or the site will request identity verification.

For example, Facebook will request ID verification if they suspect that you are bombing clients with your fake account. The reason for the ID verification is so that they confirm whether your account information matches the ID.

You can verify the ID by creating a fake ID like a drivers license, national ID, voters card, or any ID used in your country.

Participate in the Site

Once you join any of the yahoo dating sites for bombing clients, find out how to participate on the platform. If Facebook is your dating platform, for instance, you have to join dating groups, comment on dating topics, create dating topics, and react to dating posts from other participants.

You can start an argument that gets people on the platform to get to know you. In a matter of minutes, you will receive requests from people asking to be your friend.

Accept Clients

On dating platforms such as OkCupid and Tinder, people will start sending you private messages to show interest in you.

Note that some of them are yahoo boys like you, so you must be careful when replying to the messages. If a client asks for money or begs you to do them a favor, know that he/she is a yahoo boy because real clients will not ask for money from you.

Build a Good Relationship

After you gather like 3 to 6 clients, start replying to their messages. If you are pretending to be a female, the tone of your message must be that of a female. Secondly, do not message any client until they message you.

If you are a male, do not also message female or gay clients until they message you.

Lastly, engage the clients in conversations about yourself and then disable the “last seen” in your account.

Pick a Dating Format

When you notice that your client is falling for the scam, pick from the latest yahoo scamming formats and use to bill them. Some of the dating formats for billing are military dating, construction workers, medical billing, etc.

Before you start billing a client, you must transfer your chat with the client away from the dating platform. Let’s say that you met the client on Facebook, you do not have to chat with the client on Facebook because they will start requesting video calls, which would be difficult for you to achieve without signaling the client that you are a yahoo boy.

Do Not Request Money Early

When you move the client to Gmail, continue from where you stopped with them and tell them that they will no longer have you online on the dating site.

If they ask “why”, tell them that you no longer have access to the phone you were using before, and do not ask them to send money to a new phone yet.

After that chat, delay in replying to their email messages. When they ask why you delay, tell them that you only reply when you find someone that allows you to log in to your email account and send a message to them.

Final Thought

I always advise people to create multiple accounts for any dating site for yahoo that they are using.

Successful yahoo boys own up to 100 accounts because it is not every client that you will bill.

Meanwhile, I made an article on creating multiple Gmail accounts, which you should use to create many emails for yahoo dating sites and bomb clients.

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