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A new free SEO tool is for web analysis is available for Webmasters and this Free tool for optimizing your blog or website for the best SERP is provided by Bing Webmaster Tools. 
The new SEO tool is built to help users identify technical problems on their website that are affecting them from ranking at the top of Search Engine Result Pages.

Site Scan – The Free SEO Tool By Bing

Bing launches the new web analysis feature called Site Scan, which analyzes your site to identify technical problems in terms of SEO, and classifying them according to their severity.
Although the primary aim of this tool is to improve the performance of your website on the Bing search engine, it can also be used for other search engines like Google and Yandex. 

How To Use Site Scan Free SEO Tool On Bing

To use Site Scan for free, you first have to log in to Bing Webmaster Platform; Simply go to the Bing Webmaster Tools platform. Then log in with a Microsoft, Google, or Facebook account. Next, add your website (you can add multiple sites).Copy the meta codes and verify that you are the owner of the website.

How does the Bing Site Scan SEO tool work?

After adding and verifying your website on Bing Webmaster Tools;

  • Click on the site to open its dashboard. 
  • On the left side of the dashboard select the Reports & Data menu
  • Click on SEO Reports
  • Select Use the new SEO report tool
  • Finally, choose the Site Scan menu.

You can choose to scan a specific website, sitemap, or a list of URLs. When you start the scan of a website, you can request that all the sub-domains be analyzed as well: This is an amazing web crawling tool.

Bing Site Scan Tool For Analyzing Website’s Technical Issues

Bing free SEO tools give you an in-depth report on the technical problems affecting your website.
You then get a report of all the technical SEO problems detected on your site with an overview of the following characteristics:Scan status.The number of pages scanned.The list of errors.A list of warnings.A list of problem types and the number of pages affected.Problems classified according to their impact on your SEO.The problems are classified into three different categories:
Errors: These are the most critical problems with your website according to Bing. Solving these problems is a top priority because they can have a real negative impact on the indexing of your site on search engines: Some examples of such errors include; Slow connection to the serverMissing Title and Meta Description tag.Warnings: These are web problems with medium severity but it can also have an impact on your SEO: Some examples of such warnings include; Missing image attributes.A title tag that is too long or too short.A missing Meta Language tag.Notice: These are traditional web problems that have little impact on your SEO but that you can still solve if you want a 10/10 score on your website: Some examples of such notices include;Missing H1 tag.Pages that have several title tags.

How To Solve SEO Problems Using Bing Site Scan SEO Tool

Although knowing the source of any problem is the first step to fixing it, analyzing and taking actions is the most important step to fixing all web errors. 

To fix all issues shown on the Bing Webmaster SEO tool, click on each problem you want to solve, the tool will give a broad description of the problem, and tips on how to solve it. 
You can also download the list of all the pages affected by this technical problem, and send them to your web developer if you can’t fix it yourself:

Site Scan SEO Tool A Free Bing Webmaster Tool

Bing Site Scan is currently free to access for all Bing Webmaster Tools users with a website. A very practical website audit tool for those who wish to know the technical problems to be treated as a priority on their sites. 
So what is holding you back? Get yourself at the top of your competitors with this free SEO tool.

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