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So I’ve spent my time trying to find the most creative ways I can to save money in the past, I’ve done online surveys, I’ve done focus groups, I’ve signed up for bank account to get the bonus and I still open up a few credit cards to a year to get the free travel points, but sometimes the best ways to make extra money are right in front of you in the common items that we use every single day, and sure sometimes these items might cost you a little bit more money upfront, but make no mistake, these things will end up paying for themselves rather quickly and make you more money when you consider just how much money you’re going to be saving long term, not to mention many of these could end up giving you a way here return that you ever could investing in stocks or in real estates or in Tesla stocks.

So needles to say a little while on these could add up very quickly, so let me not delay any longer I’m way to excited to talk about it.

Now the first I’m going to be talking about something that doesn’t cost a lot of money but I believe over everything, this would make the biggest difference in terms of how much money you make and to change your entire book and life that would be the book: Think and grow rich by Napoleon hills, 

Seriously there’s are very few things I would recommend this strongly but this is one of them when it comes to making money building wealth and progressing in your career, I strongly believe the big part of that is mentally and this book really gives you the exact strategies and blue prints that think like someone who makes millions of dollars and achieve whatever they set out to do,  i first read this book as a teenager and it has changed my entire outlook on life and then I’ve read this book about every year or so,  just to remind myself of the power of positive thinking, so no jokes is going through this book and internalizing it,  can easily end up making you a significant amount of money over the course of your life time. 

The second thing I’m going to be talking about and I know you’re all too familiar with is certainly an epidemic that’s plaguing over society and that would be coffee and that means the second purchase that would end up paying for itself really quickly is coffee maker,  you see the sad reality is that according to the investment app acorns, one third of Americans spend more money on coffee than they do on retirement, not to mention, people between the ages of 25 and 34 spend an average of over $2,000 a year on this sweet delicious amazing drink. 

Or we really have to call it for what it is, a waste of money, because instead you can spend 12$ on a coffee maker and another 10$ on coffee and filter with that you can make your own coffee at home for a fraction of the price to someone who goes and pays 3 dollars on a cup of star bucks every single morning spending 33$ on Coffee, making it at home would pay for itself in less than 2 weeks and then everything after that is profit.

Seriously doing this can could lead to a savings of almost 2,000 a year for the average coffee drinker just by doing this yourself.

I’ve being making coffee at home for years now and I have to at nothing taste better than coffee that only cost you 20cents a cup to make and allows you to invest the entire dividends into something else that would end up making you more money. 

The third, since we all need go eat, food is obviously a necessity and one of the best ways to cut back and buy something that would end up paying for itself very quickly is with a crock pot,  it’s less than $40 and for anyone who can’t cook that well,  like me, a crock pot Is a blessing, all you need to do is throw in some meat and vegetables and then forget about it later,  then afterwards you’re going to get a really delicious home cooked meal for a fraction of the price, even if doing this just ends up saving you 3 dollars per meal instead of grabbing food on the way home. 

Your total cost of the crock pot, plus the ingredients should end up paying for itself within two weeks and then anything after that is profit,  when you looked at that in terms of an investments that would have pointed to a 2600% return by saving $3 a day,  500 a week and over the course of a year, sometimes the best ways to make money is by cutting back on what you spend and then investing the difference,  coming home to a gorgeous looking crock pot is an absolute way to do that. 

The fourth speaking of WATS to save money, thus is something switched to a few years ago and I made a tremendous difference and that was by buying rechargeable batteries.

Seriously if you look around the place and notice all of the things that use battery I’m talking remotes, audio, those fake candles you buy for decorations and a lot of things still takes batteries these days and I didn’t realize how expensive batteries were lately. 

Like seriously this package of double age batteries were about $16 at the store but for a little bit more you can get a bunch of rechargeable batteries and never have to replace them ever again, the event of doing this, I found myself going through a $20 pack of double batteries every few weeks without informing them on what they do, so instead of starting with the rechargeable and I’ve not bought new batteries in years, my cost went from $15 a week in batteries to maybe a few cents in electricity charges, 

So definitely consider doing this and spending $20 Upfront can easily save you 5 times that over the next few years and use the batteries as I do. 

The sane us no 5 on this list and that is buying a useable water bottle is getting outrageous like,  have you seen the 3-5 dollars Fiji waters, that they sell at the grocery store check out line, or have you ever drinked from the water fountain and the only thing available is overpriced bottled water from the local vendors,  the only way around that is with the reusable water bottles, your refrigerator has a water filter so go ahead fill it up and carry on with your entire day like you don’t have to ever need to buy water or you can buy net with a 15 dollar birth cup water filter and you’re set for a very long time not to mention this 15 dollar hydro flask can carry whatever you want, including iced coffee.

So go ahead and but this once should ideally pay for itself rather than quietly especially if you’re the type to go and buy bottled water or go and buy a drink when you’re out,  plus think of all the plastic you’re going to be saving and hoe it’s going to be helping the environment, not to mention one more life hack when it comes to this is that if you’re ever out somewhere and you don’t want to buy bottled water most restaurants would end up filling up a cup of water as long as you ask politely.

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