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Dear Parents, Please Don’t Allow Your Children To Watch These 5 American Movies

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Dear parents, do you know that our children tend to react to whatever they watch in the movies, some of these movies are not good for the children.

The mind and the brain of little children is very fragile that it can become easily polluted when negative things go inside their head and mind.

The main purpose of this movie is to educate married couples and to teach them some skills and ways to go when in the bedroom because some men/women are very dull and lazy in this act, that is while some marriage counselors will even recommend this movie for them sometimes

Have you questioned yourself why some of your children behave the way they do this is because of the type of movie that they feed their eyes with.

The parents, guardians and the teachers have lot of works to do to be able to control what this children watch.

I have intensively researched and come up with 5 most vulgar movies which are full of erotic and vulgar scene and i will list them below so relax and read on.

The Number one on my list is

The pirates

The reason why i place this movie on the first of the list is because of the level of erotic and vulgar scene in the movie, this movie contain naked women and men flaunting their womanhood everywhere.

Please do all you can to prevent your child from watching this movie else it will definitely affect them negatively.

The second on my list is Kiss and Kill

Just like the name implies, this is the second most vulgar and erotic movie in the world, it have all the naughty scene which includes lesbianism practices, gay practices and even interracial. This movie is no difference from the normal blue film.

Number three on the list is

50 Shades Of Grey

This movie scene promote lust, pleasure and bondage, it have scene not suitable for children viewing, it is better that your children don’t get hold of this movie else you will be surprised at what you will come home and find them doing one day

The number four on the list is

The Spartacus

Although this movie is an old movie but it is still one of the most watched action movie, this movie does not only promote vulgar and erotic content not suitable for children but also violent scene which can build and install image of violent practices in the mind of younger children

The number fifth which is the last one on my list today is

Bitten by Cupid

This is a movie of Love. roman and lust full of rugged scene, this movie is the same with the other ones that i have mention above.

These are the list of the 5 most erotic and vulgar movies your younger children should never watch.

if you have other movies that you believed is no suitable for younger viewer then drop them below let us see.

Dear Parents, Please Don’t Allow Your Children To Watch These 5 American Movies


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