Ever Wondered Why Cotton is Placed in The Nose And Ears of A Dead Body? This is the Reason


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Death is the last stage of human life. Every person who is alive will die one day. A dead body is usually handled in a special way so as to preserve it for a longer period of time without smelling or decomposing.

This is usually done in mortuaries so that the body can stay for sometimes as family members make preparations for burial.

One of the procedures applied to the bodies is stuffing some cotton wool in the nostrils, ears or even mouth.

You may have seen it or maybe heard about it but did not understand the reason as to why it is done that way. I am going to give you the reason in this article.

Death is the process where the brain of a person stops working completely due to lack of supply of oxygen.

Oxygen usually facilitates a process where the brain makes its own energy. So when oxygen supply is cut, the brain stops working and that is when we say someone has died.

Brain controls everything in the body so when it stops working, even the heart stops working and no blood is supplied. That marks an end of someone’s life.

Let us come back to the reason why cotton is placed in the nose and ears. First of all when someone dies, the body starts decomposing and emitting some gases and fluids.

This fluids come out of the body due to the bacteria and germs that are still alive inside the dead body.

The fluids can pass through nostrils, mouth or even ears and to prevent this from happening, cotton is stuffed in those openings.

The germs decomposes the body tissues and cells and secret this fluids from the process of decomposition.

The main reason why cotton is stuffed in those opening is to try and block those fluids and gases that emerges from the body due to decomposition process.

These fluids can cause bad smell if left to spill over the body and that is the main reason as to why they are blocked using cotton wool.

The cotton wool is first placed in special chemicals before being put inside the nostrils and ears of the dead body.

This is now not a mystery to you anymore. Thank you for reading my article. Follow me for other insights and revelations.

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