Review: Is This Bitcoin Website Legit or Scam?

Have you seen ads on apps like TikTok or Instagram for a site called The ads say you can get free Bitcoin just by entering a special code.

But is really giving away free Bitcoin, or is it a scam? In this article, I’m going to tell you everything I found out about so you’ll know if it’s safe or not.

I heard about from some of my friends who saw ads for it online. The ads said famous people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates were giving away Bitcoin on the site.

It sounded too good to be true! That made me suspicious. I decided to do some investigating because I didn’t want my friends to get scammed out of their money.

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What I Learned From Investigating

To figure out if was a scam, I looked at a few different things:

  1. Who Really Owns

When I looked up who owned the website, I couldn’t find any information at all about the people behind it.

Real companies always list a real name and address so you know who you’re dealing with. Since didn’t have any owner info, that was a big red flag.

  1. Are Famous People Really Involved?

Then I looked into whether Elon Musk and the other famous people in the ads were really working with

After searching online, I didn’t find any proof they were. It seemed like was just using the celebrities’ names to try to trick people into trusting the site. That made me think the whole thing might be a lie.

  1. Can You Actually Get Money Out?

Some other websites said people who joined couldn’t take their money back out once they put it in.

That’s a really big warning sign, because you should always be able to control your own money on a real site. It seemed like just wanted to steal people’s Bitcoin without giving anything back.

  1. Are There Too Good To Be True Promises?

The ads claimed you could get free Bitcoin and make super high returns just by entering a special code. But getting free money or making a ton with no effort usually means something fishy is going on.

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No website can really promise crazy profits like that forever without losing money themselves over time.

  1. Have There Been Complaints From Users?

When I searched more online, I found that some people had already complained about problems after joining

They said the site stole their money without giving anything back like it promised. That showed me the site couldn’t really be trusted if real users were having those issues.

After looking at all these things, it was really clear to me that is probably a scam! I didn’t want my friends to risk getting scammed either, so I wrote down everything I learned in this article to share with them and other kids my age. Review

Potential Red Flags of the Scam

Here are some of the biggest warning signs I noticed that made me think is running a scam:

  1. No Real Company Information

Legitimate companies always provide details like their real address and the names of the people running the business. But when I searched online, I couldn’t find any real information at all about who owns or operates Not providing those basic details is a huge red flag.

  1. No Proof of Famous People Involvement

The ads claim famous investors like Elon Musk partnered with, but there’s zero evidence these people are actually involved. Using made-up celebrity endorsements to trick people is a tactic scammers often use.

  1. Can’t Withdraw Money

Many online reviews said once people put money into their account, the site blocked them from taking it back out. A real business would never steal money from customers that way.

  1. Unrealistic Profits Promised

The ads promised people could earn big returns like 400% profit with no work. But it’s not possible for any investment to pay off that well without risk. Promising something too good to be true is a scam red flag.

  1. No Working Customer Support

Some reviews said when issues came up,’s customer service stopped responding. Legit companies always have real people available to help solve problems.

  1. Unclear Terms of Service

The terms and privacy policy on the site looked odd and unprofessional, like they may have just been copied from other scam websites.

  1. Location Isn’t Revealed

No country or specific region is listed for where is actually based. Hiding important details is a tactic scammers use to avoid getting in legal trouble.

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All these warning signs together make it clear is almost certainly running a scam instead of being a real investment site. Let’s take a closer look at how their scam works and what to do if you encounter it.

How the Scam Works

Now that we know is probably not on the level, it’s good to understand exactly how their scam works. That way you’ll recognize the tricks they use if you ever come across the site yourself or see ads for it.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Fake Ads on Social Media creates ads using fake profiles claiming famous people like Elon Musk are giving away Bitcoin on the site. They spread these ads on apps most kids use like TikTok and Instagram.

  1. Faking Celebrity Involvement

The ads use the names of popular celebrities to try to make the free Bitcoin offers seem more real. But these famous people aren’t actually involved at all.

  1. Entering a Special Code

The ads say you just need to go to and enter a special promotional code to get your free Bitcoin instantly.

  1. Signing Up with Personal Details

Once on the site, it asks for private info like your name, email, phone number and address before letting you see your “free Bitcoin”.

  1. Depositing Your Own Money

After faking that you received Bitcoin, it then says you have to deposit real money from your parents as a “small fee” before taking any out.

  1. Stealing the Deposit Money

As soon as you pay in, the site locks you out from withdrawing anything. They run off with the deposit and disappear, leaving you empty-handed.

See how sneaky the scam is? It tricks you into giving up private info and real money with empty promises that aren’t true. Once the scammers behind have what they want from you, they disappear without paying anything back.

Don’t fall for their trick – stay far away from!

What To Do If You Encounter The Scam

Since is definitely a scam as I’ve shown, there’s some important things to do right away if you come across it:

1. Don’t Enter Personal Details: Whatever you do, do NOT sign up by filling out any forms asking for private information like your name, address or email.

2. Don’t Deposit Any Money: Do NOT deposit real cash or cryptocurrency no matter what says you’ll get in return. Any money sent there will just get stolen.

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3. Report Any Suspicious Ads: If you see ads for on an app, report them immediately as scam ads so other people don’t get tricked.

4. Warn Friends and Family: Let all your friends and parents know about the scam so nobody you know gets scammed either by entering a fake promotional code from a sneaky ad.

5. Block Make sure to block the website on any devices it could pop up on like computers or phones, so you’re protected from seeing it again accidentally.

6. Consider Telling Authorities: The scam artists behind are breaking the law. If you have evidence of being targeted by their ads, you might choose to tell the police or government agency that protects consumers online in your country.

Staying Safe From Other Similar Scams

Sadly, isn’t the only scam website out there trying to trick kids. It’s important to keep your guard up and watch out for signs of potential scams whenever using the internet.

Here are some additional tips for staying safe:

✅ Be wary of ads promising free money or unrealistic investment returns with no effort.

✅ Never download random software or open unfamiliar links from pop-ups claiming to be “system updates”.

✅ Carefully research any company asking for money or personal details before providing anything.

✅ Don’t share account logins or passwords with strangers online no matter what.

✅ Check an adult you trust before purchasing or investing money anywhere unfamiliar.

✅ Consider using parental control filters on your devices to block harmful we sites

Final Thoughts

As you grow up using technology more, it’s so important to develop strong scam-spotting abilities. Question anything asking for private info or money right away.

If it seems dishonest or doesn’t feel quite right, trust your instincts. You have the power to protect yourself and others by thinking smart online.

Keep educating yourself and look out for your friends – together we can beat sneaky scammers at their games. Stay curious, be courageous and most of all, have fun exploring the wonderful world of the internet safely!

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By Don Billy

Don Billy is a veteran reviewer on Legit Source. For over 5 years, he has investigated companies and evaluated products to separate truth from hype. Don thoroughly researches and tests offerings to determine if they deliver as promised and these transparent reviews have helped protect consumers from scam artists. He is dedicated to arming shoppers with honest information.