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How to Do Yahoo Plus and Make Money [Warning!!!]


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Sup, hustler? I will expose how to do yahoo plus because it seems you can’t run yahoo yahoo profitably. But before you dump yahoo yahoo for yahoo plus, make sure you learn to become a successful yahoo boy once again.

To do yahoo plus, you have to do juju for yahoo, and it will require blood sacrifice. The blood sacrifice could be human or animal, depending on what you want and what the gods demand.

You must also understand that yahoo plus rituals are different from blood money rituals. The reason is that you do not need a client to cast a spell like you have to do in yahoo plus.

In this article, I will expose how to do yahoo plus business and make money fast. It will equally make sense for you to understand that yahoo plus rituals have consequences, and one such is death.

In the section below, you will find out what everything on how to do yahoo plus and make money.

How Yahoo Plus Started

Yahoo plus started as yahoo yahoo in cyber cafes immediately after 1994 when Yahoo! Mail was created. However, no yahoo boy or girl was into yahoo plus until around the 2003s when clients became smarter.

Since clients were no longer paying, the first set of G boys met native doctors for juju that can cast a spell on clients. So many yahoo boys and girls withdrew because the yahoo plus rituals required human sacrifice, which is illegal and punishable by law. A few were also able to find shrines that require animal sacrifice, but with time, human blood was needed for renewal.

In early 2006, a new wave of yahoo boys and girls decided to completely sell their souls to the gods for money. And it led to numerous rich yahoo plus musicians who inspire youngsters to join yahoo plus.

Today, yahoo plus is a subsidiary of blood money ritual, and some yahoo boys create secret clubs for themselves and to initiate beginners.

If you wish to drive in the latest Mercedes G Wagon, prepare to do juju for yahoo. Be warned, also, that after learning how to do yahoo plus and reaching out to the gods, you can’t withdraw easily.

What is Yahoo Plus?

Yahoo plus is the use of spiritual powers to manipulate the clients you want to bill. Since clients are becoming smarter, it is tougher to convince and collect their bank account details, iPhones, gold, gift cards, silver, etc. with yahoo plus; you will be able to conjure your clients to do as you command using diabolical means.

Yahoo plus is also commonly called ‘Advanced Yahoo,’ and it requires a blood sacrifice. Depending on the level of yahoo plus ritual that you do, the amount of money you make will increase.

If you are fortunate to find a shrine that demands only animal sacrifice, you will earn, but not as much as someone sacrificing a human. All you need to manipulate a client is their pictures which you will make incantations before chatting or having video calls with them.

You should also understand that yahoo plus comes with limitations. For instance, the gods may warn you not to build a house or marry the woman of your dreams.

How to Do Yahoo Plus for Learners

In this section, I will expose how to do yahoo plus business and how to do yahoo plus rituals for money.

You must be ready and fearless before you venture into the advanced yahoo. Below are the steps to do yahoo plus for money.

Know How Yahoo Yahoo Works

If you do not know the basics of yahoo yahoo, the advanced yahoo or yahoo plus will not be successful. Before a yahoo boy/girl ventures into yahoo plus, he/she must know how yahoo yahoo works. Of course, yahoo plus is a business, and you must start somewhere.

If you want to start yahoo immediately plus without learning how to yahoo bill clients without juju, you will stay long in the business.

Regarding how to do yahoo plus, you must learn and know and how to execute some of the yahoo formats successfully. You must know the Nigerian credit card scams, how to hack a Facebook account, etc.

Also, if you have not done yahoo yahoo for the past one year, it is a bad idea to join yahoo plus. I find many newcomers joining yahoo plus, stealing women’s panties, and ending up in jail.

Find a Powerful Native Doctor

To be successful in yahoo plus, you must be careful when finding a native doctor. Many of the native doctors you find are fake and ordinary into yahoo like you. But the trick for finding a real native doctor is to make inquiries in rural areas.

We have several real native doctors in the urban, but the problem is how to find them without encountering a fake doctor.

Another advisable way to get to a real native doctor is through an experienced yahoo plus person. If you are fortunate to find one, you have to pay, and you may not have the money. Meanwhile, learn to make money via text messages to settle the person that introduces you to the native doctor.

Explain What You Want

If you are fortunate to locate a powerful juju man, the moment you step in, you will feel the powers. It will feel as if you are carrying a spiritual load until you leave the place. A fake juju shrine will feel empty, and you won’t sense any spiritual load.

Before you step into where the juju man sits or stands, remove your shoes. And make sure you do not sit until you are told to sit.

After incantations, greet the juju man and explain that you want to learn how to do yahoo plus. I advise you to explain what yahoo plus means to the Idibia because they may not understand.

When you are making demands, do not ask for too many powers. Asking for too many powers means a bigger price, which may involve human blood. Also, tell the juju man that you prefer a yahoo plus without human blood or even animal blood.

NoteIf you are a girl, do not go to the shrine alone.

Listen to the Conditions

The conditions that accompany yahoo plus ritual vary depending on what you want. So, do not ask for too many things to attract simple conditions.

Some of the conditions may include:

  • Collecting the panties of girls in your area.
  • Sleeping with a mad person.
  • Submitting the private hair or parts of a girl.
  • Giving a cow, goat, or a sheep, and dry gin for the gods, etc.

Again, depending on your demand, the requirement may vary.

Adhere to the Rules

After you listen to the terms and perform them, you will enter another level where you will be given rules. If you do not obey the laws of yahoo plus, your charm will stop working and you may lose your life.

As long as you keep to the rules, you will always scam your clients reasonably quickly. Meanwhile, you can back up your belief by making friends with other yahoo plus guys. To find them, you can visit the happening clubs and bars where yahoo boys spend their money.

Before then, when the yahoo charm works, you will know. For example, if you start the dating billing format with an American, she will fall in love and trust you within 24 hours. Typically, it will take up to a month before a client will love you, talk less of giving you their account details.

Some of the rule you may have to abide by include:

  • You must not marry
  • You must not love
  • Build a dedicated room for the yahoo plus rituals
  • You will no longer eat every food you find
  • No more contact with your family and friends, etc.

Also, note that you will become a hard man and it will be difficult for you to give money to people.

Always Keep the Renewal Ready

Why many guys who delve into yahoo plus die is because they fail to meet up with the renewal demands. As you continue to do yahoo plus, the demons will demand something dear from you; it can be a family member or even a close friend.

Usually, the first sacrifice is not always difficult. The demand from demons become more difficult as you remain in the blood covenant, and you can’t easily break the covenant.

If you listen to the songs of several celebrities, you will hear them mentioning that they have signed into what they can’t reverse. Of course, they are referring to the rituals, and it is very rampant with African musicians.

Do you want me to tell you that failure to renew has a consequence? Well, like I earlier mentioned, you may either run mad or die mysteriously.

How to Identify a Yahoo Plus Guy

When you use juju for yahoo, make sure to be able to identify a fellow yahoo plus G boy. Below are the ways to identify a yahoo plus guy:

He or She is Stingy

The hardest thing for yahoo plus guy is to give out his money. Upon the several rich guys around, how many of them send money to charity? The answer is ‘none.’ A yahoo plus guy prefers to spend the money lavishly and post everywhere on social media.

As a guy into yahoo plus, once you see a fellow guy with such trait, then that is your colleague.


The guys into yahoo plus bear nicknames such as “the Don,” “Bullet” etc.

They Do Not Run Around

Usually, yahoo yahoo guys do not stay in one place. But a yahoo plus guy does not always run. His yahoo plus rituals protect him from the FBI and the rest.

24/7 Party

If you want to roll fully with guys into yahoo plus, attend a yahoo plus club every Friday night. They always have dedicated tables, and they will welcome you as a brother.

The Penalty for Doing Yahoo plus

When you start yahoo plus, expect a rough life within 5 years of joining the league if you are not brave.

Below are the consequences of doing yahoo plus:

  • Death
  • Hatred for yourself
  • Madness
  • Sickness
  • Helpless regrets
  • Heartlessness
  • Diseases


Yahoo plus is real, and guys are doing yahoo plus rituals to bill clients. Do not do yahoo plus unless you are ready to risk your life.


You have learned how you can do yahoo plus for fast money today. As I have stated, yahoo plus is real but dangerous for you and society.

But, if you must join the guys that do yahoo plus, prepare your mind for permanent damage. Also note that many of the demons, especially when you do blood covenant, will never leave you.

Although you will make money, you will later discover that it means nothing. Unfortunately, it might become too late and you will be running from your money.

Whatever you decide about yahoo plus today, endeavor to think about the future result as well.

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