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How to Hack a Bank Account in Nigeria


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Take a look at this; can you do something mysterious? Are you willing to make money cryptically? Then, you should know how to hack a bank account in Nigeria; it is what hustlers do to survive on the internet.

To hack a bank account in Nigeria, you need advanced tools and intelligence. You must also have eyes on the target for a 100% chance of success.

Of course, the banks will never disclose any information regarding the number of hacked accounts. Trust me, over 100 bank accounts are hacked daily in Nigeria. So, you can see that the bank hacking industry in Nigeria is wealthy.

I know you’re smart, and you would love to hack several bank accounts for money. However, understand that it hacking and illegally removing cash from someone’s bank account can result in suicide. Nevertheless, are you ready for a brief guide to hacking a bank account? The section below contains the various working methods regarding how to hack a bank account in Nigeria.

How to Hack a Bank Account in Nigeria

Hackers employ several techniques regarding how to hack a bank account in Nigeria. Sadly, some of these techniques are dying away. For instance, the skimming method no longer works like fire on some credit cards.

Why it is dying is because the manufacturers no longer use EMV chips for production. These chips were the way forward for hacking a bank account. In a brief moment, let’s discover how to hack a bank account successfully.


The most comfortable method to hack a bank account is by phishing the victims. Regarding how to hack a bank account in Nigeria, you would want to target older men and women because a large number of them are ill-informed.

Once you contact the target, package yourself as bank staff. But before then, you must know the person’s name. Then send the person a bank-like text message using a customized phone number. When you call the person, tell him/her that the bank just sent them a message. Also, say to the person to read out the code before you proceed with the phonecall. All of these will appear so real, and the person will believe that you are a bank staff.

Now, lie to the person about their bank account. You can say that there is a fraudulent transaction referring to the account and that you want to confirm whether he/she is aware of the money, and that the bank has blocked the alert. Out of fear, the person will say there is no alert. Now, request for their bank details – credit card PIN, CVV, Exp. Date and credit card number.

Note: You can also carry out phishing by calling or texting via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, email, etc.


Regarding how to hack a bank account in Nigeria, a skimmer can do the job called ‘skimming.’ A skimmer is a speedy superficial hacking device patterned with a Bluetooth module that collecting credit card details.

When you install it on the panel of a POS or ATM card reader, it will automate a communication link between your victim’s chip and the card reader. After that, it transmits and stores the needed credit card details on EEPROM; how easy!

But the first difficulty you’ll face is getting the skimmer installed. I mean the problem of easy access to a POS machine or that of an ATM.

It can, however, be bypassed though. Your target ATM should be small stores that run POS services. You know how ignorant store owners can be. Moreover, if you can have a rapport with the POS owner(s), you may install the skimmer.

For ATMs, visit galleries that are not close to banks. For instance, big fuel stations like OANDO, MOBIL, and other businesses have ATMs installed in their product or business centers. Meanwhile, it is advisable to run the installation at night. About the installation, just go onto YouTube and watch how to install a skimmer.

After a successful installation, allow for some days before returning to collect the skimmer. You’ll be surprised at the amount of credit card data stored for you by the skimmer. Once you retrieve them successfully, go on with whatever the hell you want with it.

Note: You require a PC and few decoding items to read the information on the skimmer.

Creating a Fake Website

Some of the e-commerce sites you find online are not authentic. A good number of these sites are designed to steal credit card details while disguising as secure payment gateways. Concerning how to hack a bank account in Nigeria, you might want to consider creating such a site.


  • A phishing website
  • Site management skills
  • Web hosting account

If you can’t create a phishing website, you need to hire a developer. Moreover, a phishing site will use a custom CMS to avoid getting banned on CMS like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc.

After creating the site, upload items that Nigerians love to buy at meager prices, do not make it too affordable so that people won’t become suspicious. Also, include on the pages of the site that you are making bonanza sales to entice buyers.

When they start shopping on your site, the credit card details will be collected and stored on a folder or file in the host. The developer will tell you the file path. You can also experiment before launching the site.


You can also spoof-attack a bank account in Nigeria for ban details to use for shopping. The process is broad, and you require a bit high programming level to succeed.

So, let’s skip this method for a more practical approach to hack a bank account in Nigeria.

Hooking Strangers’ Bank Account Details

You can hook the credit card details of strangers, but you must be careful not to make the spook the person.


  • Camera
  • Intelligence

You need the camera to capture credit card details. All you have to do is to install it in a suitable ATM gallery. Don’t try installing it at ATMs in bank premises, or else, it’ll be detected and compromised.

Locate lone ATMs and install the camera. After a successful installation, find a suitable place with your PC and control the camera to pick up card details. You could be inside a truck, van, or whatsoever.

You know how careless Nigerians can be. They often hold their cards as if it’s Nigeria’s flag. Some even use it there to shelter themselves from the sun.

The camera does not have to be a world-class digital camera. Get an affordable camera that can capture digitally, and you are good to go. I do not recommend using a smartphone.

If you’re close to the target’s credit card, snap both sides of the card because for the card number, CVV, and Exp. Date. When you have the details, simply visit any site that does not use OTP and begin fast shopping.

Hook Relatives’ Bank Details

You have rich and yet stingy relatives, right? Or, do you live with a wealthy relative that is selfish? Honestly, when you finish feeding yourself with this guide, you might run them bankrupt. But, do no such thing because it is hurtful, illegal, and unlawful.

To hack and quench that Nigerian bank account, directly hooking their ban details will do the job. In this technique, regarding how to hack a bank account in Nigeria, the task is easy but demands being careful.


  • Camera
  • Swap SIM/Retrieval

First, you have to find the credit card of that relative and snap both sides of the credit card. You can use the credit card to shop, but you can only shop successfully on websites that do not require OTP. You can ask for such websites via the comment section.

If you want to go further with the act regarding how to hack a bank account in Nigeria, you need the phone number. To get the phone number will be strict because they require it to answer phone calls. However, you can switch their SIM card with another SIM card so that you can use the credit card details even on sites that demand OTP.

If it is impossible to swap the SIM card, you can retrieve the phone number. Find their identity card and take it to the nearest office of the service provider and complain that the phone number is missing.

Within 20 minutes, depending on the service provider, the new SIM card should be live. Use the credit card details you snapped to buy items online and enter the OTP you receive in the SIM card.

Hack a Using College Portals

It is preferable to hack a bank account during the beginning of new semesters in Nigerian Universities. Why? It’s simple; remita make it easy to get the money.

Meet of the guys in the commercial center of any university, especially federal universities like the University of Uyo and the likes.

Gather enough school boys and girls and pay their fees at once. And they will pay even before you print the school fees receipt.

All that the remita portal needs are card number, CVV, Phone number, and Expiry Date. Just key in the required fields you snapped from the credit card and paid college students’ school fees. When you’re done, go home and relax. Besides, the transaction can not be traced to you unless you used your details to sign up.

How about Amazon? They don’t equally require that butt hurting user password for purchases once you key in the numbers ‘borrowed’ from target’s Credit Card, end of the story.

Apart from Amazon, millions of other sites don’t need your pin so, I would just look out for them and crash cold.

During these processes, the SIM in the pocket of your victim will only show that there’s no network coverage. He will likely abuse the network providers for not giving him a network while you’re buying items for yourself.

Final Thought

Before you leave this tutorial, bear in mind that this site will not be held responsible when the police arrest you. And, you didn’t read any lousy guide from this website.

Besides, the purpose of this article is to inform the general public about how to hack a bank account in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, you can use the methods in this article to prank people. Challenge them that you can buy with their account without their knowledge.

And when they accept the dare, proceed and purchase cheap items using their credit card details. Alternatively, you can begin a yahoo boy career to make money from foreigners.

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