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How To Know Slimcase Net worth


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Oluwafemi Oladapo, who was known as Slimcase through virtual one music career, is a Nigerian artist and songwriter. Slimcase’s fortune begins with his birth in Lagos, Ikorodu, in 1982 to be precise, but this man was not on the road until 2013 when he started his music career fully as an artist, although he is still growing in the industry, in the few years he has been working in the music industry he has carved out a niche for himself.

Slimcase Net Value

The net value of Slimcase is currently unknown, but rest assured that the young man is raking in cool dollars for himself. He has signed several sponsorship contracts and is now demanding a cool million naira per show.

Slimcase Net worth


The slim case, born on 22 August in the Ikorodu district of Lagos, grew up on the streets. The young man rose from humble circumstances and became the musical sensation we know today. He did not always have it so rosy, he had to work his way up the hard way. Without a doubt, Slimcase is the new voice of the street. In an exclusive interview granted to Saturday Beats, the Oshozondi singer mentioned that he was once a factory worker, something he did for about 10 years and earned a ridiculous #15,000 a month. Slimcase claimed to have worked with Dangote and a number of other companies making dry liquor before he became famous. Recently, his stock has risen as he is one of Nigeria’s most sought-after artists, bending fees of up to #1 million per show.

Music Career

His stay in the music industry began about three years after he started working as a factory worker. He started out as a rapper, but this music genre didn’t pay off financially, and his career didn’t grow either, so he changed the tone. He embraced the ghetto sound, and this step turned out to be a masterpiece that made him one of the raves of the moment artists in today’s Nigeria.

The young man confessed that never in his wildest dreams had he believed that he would become so big in the industry in such a short time. According to him, he has been in the industry for about 7 years, starting out as a rap artist and making radio-ready songs.

His life and music took a turn for the best when the Shaky Shaku trend came up. Before he released his hit Oshozondi, the guys had been dancing the Shaku Shaku dance on the streets of Mushin and Agege in Lagos, but there was no beat that mixed with their songs.

These guys were looking for a peculiar beat that would blend in rhythmically with the sound, but Davido and Wizkid had been playing fancy songs to them until he came on board and released the Oshozondi song, and the beat was just made for the streets, it was 100% Shaku Shaku beat.

The trend of the new song combined with the dance step came out at the perfect time and it worked for him. Before he knew it, people started dancing Shaku Shaku to his song, and all over town, it was said that Slimcase was the creator of Shaku Shaku.

After he introduced himself and his music style to the people with Oshozondi, he continued his work with Legbelegbe. The song subsequently proved to be a hit as well, which kept people’s interest in Slimcase and his music alive.

Finally, the hard work of the young man had paid off. It became immediately clear that he was the epitome, the king of the moment, because every artist in the Nigerian music industry, whether established or emerging, wanted to jump on a piece with him. He became the new King Midas of the industry, so to speak because every song he played was an instant hit.

In the same interview with Saturday Beats, he confessed that he never imagined that D’banj or Tiwa Savage would appear on the same track as him. He felt screwed when a call came in inviting him to play with D’banj on one track. Meanwhile, he can be heard in several monster hits, including a piece with the golden boy of Nigerian music, Wizkid himself.


As expected, there were a number of negative issues related to the net assets of Slimcase.

There was talk from various corners that he was a threat to people like Olamide, Lil Kesh and Small Doctor, the singer humbly admitted that he was simply their colleague and not a threat to any of these already established deeds.

He went on to say that he was just bringing a new sound from the streets into the main scene of the Nigerian music industry. He believes people just like the way he does his thing because they can’t even decipher whether he is singing or just talking in his songs. That makes him in a way unique and acceptable to the street.

The young man has God’s mercy on where he stands today in his music career and appreciates the fact that every other street style artist known in the music industry does well on his own track. It has been claimed that his songs and the entire Shaky Shaku movement promote immorality, a rumor he quickly dispelled. He stressed that the songs in no way promote immorality.

In his opinion, the shaku-shaku songs are street songs from the innermost part of the ghetto and as such they only paint what happens in the innermost part of the ghetto. There must be someone who sings about such events, and he happened to be the pioneer of the movement.

Conclusion on Slimcase Net Worth 2020

The history of Slimcase is another indicator that hard work pays off. He came from a very humble background and has worked his way up in his chosen career. It was never easy, never beautiful, but he has kept himself.

Today his story is a success and he is an inspiration to many who have risen through the ranks. He was featured on the following tracks: Oshozondi, Omo Shepeteri, Lavish, Issa Banger, Codeine Diet, Shakpati, Shempe, Gucci Snake, Malowa and Maro. He was nominated for the prestigious Headies Award in 2018 and won the Nigerian Hype Award for the best street act in 2018.

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