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How to Make Blood Money in Nigeria Legally


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When you learn how to make blood money in Nigeria, everything will respect your presence.

Do you want to stop being embarrassed by the sexy ladies? Do you want to pull influence and have everybody do what you want in time? Then, this article teaching how to make blood money in Nigeria is for you if you don’t want to become a yahoo boy.

Recently, someone asked, “where can I do money ritual in Lagos?”. I looked at him, and this got me wondering what he thinks about me. Maybe the guy sees me as someone into money ritual, but that’s his business.


“The author of this article is not into money ritual and does not do any form of ritual for money. The essence of this article is to help desperate people know the norms of blood money in Nigeria.”

Are you ready to learn how to make blood money in Nigeria? Then let me take you on a simple tour that will keep you at the same level as Dangote.

Types of Money Rituals in Nigeria

There are 3 significant types of money rituals in Nigeria. These forms of blood money all have their upside and downside which you’ll find out. Below are the 3 ways of blood money rituals currently working in Nigeria.

  • Human blood money ritual
  • Animal blood money ritual
  • Charms

Let me further explain all these types of money rituals so that you can make your decision correctly.

Human Blood Money Rituals

As the name implies, this type of blood money ritual requires human blood. There are two ways that the gods can require for human blood. They include:

  • Human body parts
  • A whole human

As you can see, it’s either they ask for the part of a human or the entire human body. If you have been reading on how to do money rituals at home, this particular one will not apply for you. It is because you will not be able to transcend into the dark world to deliver the spirit.

When the gods demand the human part, this means that you have to bring a specific part. To shock you a little, you can’t pay the Idibia for this body part. If the Idibia asks for money to deliver the body part, you’re facing live scammers.

Body Parts in Demand

While proceeding with these rituals to become rich, here are the body parts often demanded.

  • Breast of a woman
  • Pubic hairs/hairs of the woman head
  • Eyeballs
  • Entire head (often a man)

Surprisingly, it is the body parts of a woman that is usually demanded, and I do not know why it is so. Well, only the gods and goddesses know why because even the Idibia does not.

On the other hand, when a whole human is required, there are two ways involved.

  • Sacrificing a whole human alive
  • Conjuring and spiritually killing the human

If the spirit requires a whole human alive, you are in a mess. Yes, you’re in a huge mess because that person must be a loved one. It could be your wife, sister, mother, daughter, brother, etc. Another thing to note about this is that once you give any of them, the spirit will require another one.

However, if the spirit demands for a human to be sacrificed alive, the chances are that it can be anybody. The Idibia will often connect you with evil people who specialize in abducting innocent lives at night for money.

  1. Animal blood money ritual

This version of rituals to become rich is the one with the least fears. With this type, you have to read how to do money rituals at home because you’ll always sacrifice at home. It is also a money ritual without human sacrifice and often requires several challenging tasks. Do you want to know some of the tasks? I will remind you.

A rich man was bragging the other day in the compound simply because a young man frowned at his bad attitude. He eventually asked whether he could stay in the middle of the road for 7 days and drink rainwater.

It was at this point that I knew what’s up, and he didn’t give a damn about the onlookers. So, why am I writing this? It is to inform you that the blood money ritual is real in Nigeria. It’s only a matter of knowing how to make blood money in Nigeria in a very coded way instead of asking for money with messages.

Like I said earlier, I will show you some of the tasks you may have to undergo. And it is essential to undergo the homework because you did not signup for that of human blood.

  • Running mad for months
  • Sleeping with a mad woman
  • Eating feces (either your smelling poop or another person’s own)
  1. Charms

Many of the y0ung rich guys are into this form of money ritual in Nigeria. You don’t even have to know much about how to make blood money in Nigeria to be perfect.

The Idibia will give you a small charm that could be worn around the neck, wrist, waist, or ankle of the foot. The importance of this particular ritual in Nigeria is that it does not require anything that has to do with blood.

The reason why most people avoid it is that money is not usually significant. That is why you find some unsatisfied people telling you that they have to upgrade. Don’t you wonder what the upgrade is referring to? Of course, it is to either animal blood money or human blood money.

Concerning how to do money rituals at home, using charms is a fitting ritual for that.

How Charms Work in Money Rituals

Using charms for money does not have strong effects than those of human and animal blood. It also does not require following too many rules. The only disadvantage is that it does not bring out enough money.

To use it, contact Idibia closest to you. If you don’t know where to find them, ask people in the interior villages. I would suggest using forums like Nairaland, but in this age of fraud, be careful not to connect with a scammer.

When you eventually meet with the Idibia, he/she will tell you what to do and where to place the charm. Sometimes, spirits might want you to hang it somewhere in the house or wear it around.

If you want it for a business, you would be told to keep it in that business premises. Even those making grade one blood money still use these charms to boost their businesses.

How to Make Blood Money in Nigeria

After seeing the types of money rituals, I bet you have a plan already. Do you want to proceed or back out? If you’re still in, it is straightforward to make blood money. Here is how to make blood money in Nigeria without facing the consequences.

  1. Decide

The decision should begin now because it’s a long ride to success. And when you’re in, there is no complete going out because that spirit will always return. Think about why you want this thing before you even go to Idibia’s place. Are you failing in business? Is your neighbor doing better? Are you always ashamed of being less of a man in society? Now, only consider opting in if you intend to get over feelings such as these.

While deciding, you can involve someone very close or talk to confidential people. Ask about the nature of the ritual before stepping in.

  1. Locate Idibia

To find Idibia is easy if you only you’re have decided. At some point in this article, I mentioned forums like Nairaland, where you can find connections. Or, go to interior villages, find an old man, buy a drink, sit down, ask questions, and hear from him.

  1. Pay Attention to Instructions

Stubbornness is the primary reason why 80% of Nigerians die because of blood money. The man I earlier mentioned who was bragging, his later death, is also a result of stubbornness. Might be he could have lived longer if he had successfully taken an innocent life.

  1. Renew on Time

For those who plan to go into deep occult, renewal happens either yearly or uncertain times. For example, you might just wake up to hear the grand master commanding you to kill your child. At this point, you either kill or you die, and all your properties will rot.

  1. Don’t Combine Powers

You might not be told about this, but it’s stupid to combine powers. Some spirits will warn while others will take down a thing of yours before informing you. Even the almighty God warns against keeping two supernatural masters as he is a jealous God.

  1. Be Stingy

Anybody that wants to be like you should do what you do. Keep your money for yourself and give no damn when people call you greedy.

If your best friend asks to be like you, tell him who you are when you get there. If you like them, advise them to hustle more that it shall be well.

End Game

The end game is usually deadly. It is always a war between the evil powers providing the blood money and you. At such point, if you have something to hold on to, you might succeed. From me as a piece of advice, don’t do this.

Author’s Thoughts

Sincerely, following any of these mediums to make money comes with significant consequences. I do know why you’re opting for this – money, right? But you can always make money in several ways, apply some patience, and watch the results.

If you do, however, fail often, we could help you make right decisions that will grow your business to success. Do not be hardhearted and do not be weak either. If you’re pressing me to make a suggestion, well, I’d sincerely suggest going for the third option because the requirements and effects are minimal.

Even at that, although charms rituals are not so healthy, the consequences could well turn out to be disastrous.

All in all, go for online courses as well as business training programs to learn new ideas and tricks to success. Try out that business once again with proper resources and watch it grow bigger. Remember, using rituals to become rich comes with dire consequences.

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