How to Unhide or Hide Caller-ID on Infinix Android Phone


People Hide Caller-ID for different reasons, maybe to surprise a friend or a family member, or to be able to talk to someone who has been avoiding their phone calls, or for business purposes, while some people take advantage of this option in order to scam. Another reason is that the user might unknowingly activate the  Hide Caller ID, which is why I decide to write on this topic. This mostly happens to elderly people who may activate the “Hide caller-ID by mistake.

It is important to know that some carriers block this feature and may charge some fee in order to provide you the option of Hide Caller ID.  Also, you won’t be able to hide your Caller ID when you call service provider customer care numbers like (180) or emergency numbers (199). Your mobile number will be revealed when you call this kind of number while hiding your Caller ID.

The images in this post are from INFINIX Android phone which demonstrates how to hide or unhide caller-ID. I believe that most Android phones have the same in-built option to Hide Caller ID and you should be able to locate the option on your android phone by following the simple steps below;

1. Click the phone call  App on your Android Phone.

2. Click on More which is the 3-dots icon as seen in the image below

3. From the Menu that appears, click on Settings.

4. Then, click on Calling Accounts

5. Now, select the Network Provider if it’s a Dual SIM phone.

6. Now, select and click on Additional Settings

7. On the next screen, you would see Caller ID

8. Finally on the next screen,  you would see the list of options. In order to hide, select and save the option ” Hide Number“.

Hide Caller-ID

9. To unhide, select and save the option ” Network Default or show number”

That is all.

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