How To Write A Good Essay In Waec


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WAEC requires its candidates to write at least 450 words in essays but this is not the ultimate guarantee to passing the exam. Your essay has to be interesting, fun to read, explanatory and most of all, appealing to the examiner. When I wrote my WAEC, I wrote an informal letter of up to 700 words and also got an A so I decided to share my trick with you.

Here are some ways to write a good essay in WAEC

1. Plan: Always write your points in your essays down. Make sure to keep it as short and specific as possible.

2. Describe: Make sure to describe each event or important character as detailed as possible. This helps the examiner easily imagine the occasion and setting. Also, it helps to keep your essays longer.


3. Proper use of adjectives: This is very important if you want to catch your examiner’s attention. Proper use of adjectives shows professionalism and intelligence in writing. Every WAEC examiner would be happy to read an essay that looks like the work of a professional.

4. Add humor: A little humor can’t kill your essay. In fact, they will boost it. Adding humor in your essay shows how confident you are. Informal letters should have a good amount of humor while this should be reduced in formal letters.

5. Climax: This is the peak of your essay. This part catches the attention of any reader. Your climax should be as attractive as possible and should not divert from the main title of the essay.

6. Causes and effects: Causes and effects of each action should be included.

7. Reality: Sometimes, it is safe to add realities to your essays. Try to remember an experience related to that essay and tweak it into an appealing line.

8. Punctuations: Punctuations are very very important in English language. Take an example:
“A woman: without her, man is nothing.
“A woman without her man is nothing”
. Those are two similar sentences but with entirely different meanings. Your punctuations can give your paragraph or sentence a whole new meaning.
Use commas, full stops, inverted commas, apostrophes and colons in the right frequency and manner.”

How To Write A Good Essay In Waec.

9. Practice: Constant practices make good perfections. Before your exam, practice as much as possible and learn from mistakes. Use past questions, textbooks and news.

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