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As a yahoo boy, it is crucial to keep yourself up to date with the latest scamming formats. Every new day, the media publishes information that teaches potential clients how to stay safe. So, it is your responsibility always to learn news scamming formats to use for billing.

To keep up with the latest formats for yahoo scamming, you must subscribe to educational sites such as Top Writers Legitsource. Also, always be ready to buy new tools from time to time because an outdated tool never works.

Do you know that scamming formats in the industry are updated frequently? Yes, it is because clients get smarter every day. Moreover, scamming formats that expire are removed as time goes on. For example, the Nigerian prince scam format has been booted out of the industry because it no longer pays.

But with a new format, you will be able to take clients by storm and cash out fast. I am confident you are ready to learn; thus, the section below exposes the latest scamming formats to bill clients fast.

Latest Scamming Formats

Trust me; the number of formats for yahoo boys is uncountable. Every month, a new format or an update comes into the industry, thereby making the industry wax stronger.

In this section, we will only highlight a few of the formats you can consider as a beginner yahoo boy to be successful.

Below are some of the yahoo boy latest scamming formats:

Bitcoin/HYIP Scam Format

Regarding the latest scamming formats for yahoo, the Bitcoin format is one of the most blazing formats. The industry values the Bitcoin scam format over several formats, not because it is new, but because it involves cryptocurrency.

Somehow, the Bitcoin scam format functions as the investment format. However, there is a difference that makes BTC scam unique. Unlike the investment format, it is not necessary to meet clients in-person and burn energy trying to convince them to invest.


  • Fake Bitcoin investment website
  • PC
  • Knowledge on how to run a website
  • Advertisement

Before you run this format, I advise that you take a month to learn how a website works. All you need to own a website is CMS and hosting services. If you do not understand these terms, contact a web developer fast. Tell the person to design a custom CMS website. Below are the descriptions:

  • It must be an investment site.
  • It should have a BTC payment gateway
  • BTC address must be linked

When the developer is done, advertise the website on Facebook and Twitter because they are cheaper. If you do not know how to run ads properly for high returns on investment, hire an expert. Once people find the ads, they will flood the website and invest in Bitcoin. You can pay like two people and then shut down the website against the remaining investors.

If you do not want to shut down the website, simply block the IP address of those that have invested. They will be unable to access their account for the investment returns, and the BTC becomes yours.

Accident Billing Format

The accident billing format is another prestigious and one of the latest scamming formats. The downside with this new format for billing is that you have to convince a client that you are trustworthy. The client must be able to love you and lust after you.

After a few weeks after hooking up, inform her that you were recently involved in an accident. When the client replies, tell him that you need a one-time favor. He will ask, “what?”. Tell him that the money you have currently is not enough to handle the bill.


  • Fake accident photos.
  • URL to an accident in the country.

Note: If you tell your client that you live in Dubai, the URL must link to a news accident in Dubai.

Once he asks for the cost of the bill to fix the accident, send him the accident billing format below:

Dear Ben,

I hope you are doing great. Sincerely, it is not very favorable to me on this end. I do wish to see you someday. But right now, I have to fix my health to stay happy.

I did not begin this relationship as a medium to reduce my financial burden. I have my business, but I made some investments lately. If I touch the money in that account, I might not hesitate to use the money in that bank account.

Please, the hospital bills me $1,500, but I have deposited $400 for treatments to continue. I plead for your support to get back soonest. Thank

Attached below are photos of me in the hospital.

[add hospital pictures here]

Below is the link to the news.

[Add a news URL in your country here]

My bank account details

[Add your bank name, account name, and account number]

Yours Lovely

[Your Name]

Alternatively, you can ask a makeup artist to make you look like someone involved in an accident. You may use a small sick bed in any clinic to take the photos and even videos. Finally, edit the images and the client will pay you instantly.

Wire-Wire Format

Wire wire stands for an electronic wire transfer. In yahoo a boy term, it is called wire wire, and it is a standard scam format that has taken the world by storm. This format is used when you want to divert funds from the bank account of a client. It is quite hard to do but you can become perfect after learning.

Credit Rating Scam

In advanced countries such as the US, people depend on their credit score to get loans. A good credit score attracts low-interest rates and trust while a bad credit score attracts the opposite. Now, desperate Americans are willing to go extra miles to change their credit score legally or illegally.

Being one of the latest scam formats for yahoo, you can take advantage now before it becomes outdated.


  • A testimonial website.
  • Custom email address.
  • BTC Payments gateway.

First, you have to create a website with a name related to credit score and link a BTC payment gateway. You can name the site like ‘Credit Score Modifier,’ ‘Credit Score Maker’, etc. Now, create fake testimonial pages and posts and describe how people are improving your credit score with your services. You can also review your fakes site on free-to-post forums and add the URLs to your fake credit score site.

Go to the cPanel of your site and create a custom email address like ‘[email protected]’, [email protected], etc. Collect several American email addresses and send multiple messages to them with your site URL.

Soon, they will start paying, and as they pay, block their IP from entering the site for complaints.

Job Scam Yahoo Format

The number of people looking for jobs online and offline is massive. All in all, greedy job seekers are ever willing to do anything to land themselves a job.

This latest scam format is fast-growing in the scam industry, and I can’t fail to mention in this list. All you have to do is advertise a false job and get job seekers to pay while you elope with the money.


  • Fake website
  • Fake brand
  • Fake and responsive social media pages
  • Custom email address

Now, join forums and social media groups related to jobs. You will find desperate job seekers; collect their email addresses and send them the message below:

Hello There

We are [fake company name], and we are hiring. We recently found your email address on [forum/group name] and we have a job for you.

Reply to this email for more instructions.

In the meantime, you may visit our website to confirm our credibility.

Thank you

[company name]

When the clients reply, send new emails asking them to send in scanned documents such as their CV, school certificates, etc. When you receive the documents, reply that their papers are under review and that it may take two days for them to get a response.

After two or three days, reply to them with congratulatory messages. Now, send in your account details or BTC address and ask them to make payments for job processing.

NoteOnly about 40% will agree to make payments.

Gift Card Format

The gift card format is the latest scamming format with 100% security and anonymity guarantees. It functions almost like the carding format, but it is different in that you do not require credit card details from clients.

For the latest gift card scamming format to work, you must convince a client to forward you a gift card. It is not very challenging if you know the soft spot of the client. Typically, I recommend having a client who is the opposite sex so that you can comfortably convince him/her to collect the gift card.

Before then, make sure the client knows that you love listening to music and seeing videos.

Below is the message for gift card format to send to your client:

Dear love,

I hope you are doing great. If you might wonder, well, I am doing great too.

Babe, I have a bit of a problem, and I am gathering much energy to request from you. It took me several days to summon the courage and I hope it will not be in vain.

You know I am a music lover. Unfortunately, my old songs ache my ears. I came across some loveable songs on iTunes, and I would love to get one or two songs from there always to keep me busy when we are not talking. Kindly send me $300 worth of gift card to make my selections.

Do this favor to me, please. I love you.

Yours Lovely

[Your Name]

Love Spell Format

Another of the latest scamming formats to consider is the love spell format. It works like the blackmail format, but you will be threatening the spiritual life of the client who will become afraid and make fast payments.

This latest scamming format debuted because of the relationship problems in society. You will find several men and women afraid to lose their lovers, especially women. All you have to do is contact the person, ask for the picture of their partner, and promise to bring back their partner with magic. You can even lie to the person that another jealous lover is manipulating their lover.

When their interest is high, inform them that the deed requires a minor blood sacrifice to break the bond. And also, that you will have to print out the picture of their partner. Bill, the client and they, will pay immediately. If a client wants you to do the magic first before payment, tell them that it is impossible and that there is no going back. Threaten to use evil powers on the client and they will pay fast out of fear.

Instagram Flipping

Instagram flipping is yet another one of the latest scamming formats to grace the world. The only difficulty is that you have to hack and take over an Instagram account. You can hack an Instagram account by phishing, telling the owner that you are an Instagram staff, and requesting the login details.

Or, you can simply become a follower of the owner of the account. Make the person trust you and tell the person that you will be sending him/her a code soon. Then when the code arrives, the person should copy it for you to use and verify your account. Now, navigate to Instagram sign-in page and click forgot password. Contact the person to read you the code and use it to sign in and change your password quickly.

Post on the person’s profile that you have found a legit investment that pays. Ask them to invest, and they will believe thinking that you are the original owner.

You can direct them to your main fake Instagram account, where they will read fake testimonials that you created. Once they invest, block them and the money is yours.

Construction Dating Format

This scamming format is currently trending all over the social media and dating platforms. All you have to is disguise as a construction company worker and post on the various dating platforms to attract clients that will pay.

There is a text message for the construction format, but I will not include it in this article. You can request via the comment section for the sample message for the construction dating format for yahoo.

Classified Format

The classified format is a big game format for the big players. If you would love to join, then get an account with a top site like Craigslist, where companies run ads regularly. You can as well checkup sites like Gumtree, eBay, and Yakaz, where branded items are sold.

When you get to decide on the site to use for the classified format for scamming, pick a preferred seller. Usually, you can use the classified format on any seller. But I recommend beginner sellers because experienced sellers already know most of the formats.

On the seller listings, cart several costly items possibly worth up to $1,500. It will amaze the seller, and he/she will be very thankful for such massive sales. Now, contact the seller and remind him/her that you will prefer to send the money through checking. When he/she asks, “why,” tell them that the site commission will affect their profit.

Usually, the sites use dedicated payment gateways and they advise against selling outside their platforms. They also inform their sellers of the risk but for a mouthwatering $1,500 worth of items, the seller will agree to check.

Now, design a check of $2,500 and send it to the seller. Of course, the seller will say that it is in excess. Contact a picker and inform the seller to give the excess amount to the picker. Send your details to the picker who will take a percentage and send you the money.

Grant Lotto Format

With the grant lotto format, you can make money from desperate gamblers. While a gambler tries to make more money, you also use the opportunity to scam and phish him/her into sending you money or bank details.

Being one of the few prominent latest scamming formats, the grant lotto format works on every gambler. You can as well use the format to scam people who do not gamble and cash out fast.


  • Gambling clients
  • Fake social media accounts
  • Fake testimonial website

Now, go to forums, pages, and groups designed for gamblers. Search for the desperate ones and try to obtain their email addresses. If possible, send a direct message to the person telling him/her that you want to allow them to win big before quitting gambling.

Engage the person in a severe chat and show them fake proofs of winning lotto worth millions. If the person is not smart, request their account details to use and sign up on the website that will channel winnings to their account. Now, send the person the URL of the fake website with fake testimonials and fake comments.

Meanwhile, before you engage the grant lotto scamming, send the following text message for grant lotto format:


We have just one slot left for you to join the millionaires in lotto gambling. Send an email to [your email] or visit the official winning website @ [fake website URL].

Simply sign up and provide the needed details on the site. Or, contact the management email address on the right steps to follow.

Covid-19 Format

If you want to cash out during the pandemic, then you require the covid-19 format for scamming. In so many countries and states, the governments are promising relief cash to its citizens.

Desperate citizens are also willing to do anything to collect the relief materials and money transfers from the government. You can take advantage of this opportunity to cash out the remaining millions in this pandemic before it ends.

NoteCovid-19 format will end once the covid-19 pandemic ends.


  • Custom email address
  • Fake phone number

You create a fake custom email and name it something like [email protected], [email protected], etc. Now, use the covid-19 scamming format text message below:

Dear Citizen,

We are glad to inform you that you are qualified for the Covid-19 pandemic relief fund. For the sake of identifying unresponsive accounts, we will be delighted to hear from you.

The Government of [put your country]

Thank You

When the person replies, request their bank details such as bank verification number, PIN, email address, and credit card details (CCV, Exp. date, card number, etc.).

Gay Format

The gay format is a scamming format that works like the dating billing and military formats. The difference is that you will identify as gay before the client. For example, if the client is female, you have to package yourself as a female, and if the client is a female, package as female.

Get to make them love you and send nudes to the client. What makes the gay format interesting is that gay people do not care whether you are African, American, Asian, European, etc. So far, you are willing to get in bed with a gay person, he/she will pay any amount of money and do anything.

Blackmail Format

The blackmail format works on a client that is giving you a headache to bill. You can simply blackmail the client by framing him up and sending false accusations. This format for yahoo requires good grammar and lengthy writing. So, you must get Grammarly, especially when dealing with an English-speaking client from countries like the US.

In this format, you need to send an email or a postal mail to a client framing and threatening him for what he is unaware of.

Note: make sure to know the real name of the person, a few family members, etc. If possible, know their address too. Gathering all possible information will make the scamming format real and dreaded.

Browse for news that reports a murder in the state where the client stays because you need it for the blackmail.

Below is a sample minor blackmail letter for blackmail scam:

Mr. Boris,

Do not dare to think it is over because we have the audio containing your voice. You murdered the man, and it is all over the news today.

But because I will love to spare you from being disgraced y publishing your details and the audio, make payments to the BTC address below.

BTC Address [Add info]

I will not show the full letter here for now.

Credit Card Format

The credit card format involves phishing a client for money or credit card details. Once the details are sent, you will quickly use to shop online on Amazon, etc. Before then, you would want to make sure that you identify websites that do not require OTP. The reason is that sites with OTP will alert the client and thwart the format.

Dating Billing

Here, a yahoo boy will search for a client to date online on platforms such as Craigslist, Tinder, Facebook, etc. Usually, if the client is a female, the yahoo boy will package himself as a male. And if the client is a male, the yahoo boy will package as a female. The same thing applies to a client that is gay. When the client requests a video call, a yahoo boy will then require the clone app for yahoo.

Military Format

The military format involves faking your identity as a soldier. You have to tell the client that you are a soldier and must make the client fall in love with you. After a while, say to the client that you want to stop serving in the army and move down to live with him or her. You can also use this format on a gay client for money. Once the client sends money, come up with another excuse for more money and block them or delete the yahoo boy account.

Sugar Daddy Catfish

In this yahoo boy format, you have to search for sugar daddies that need love. You should find them on Craigslist, Tinder, etc. Make sure to design your profile as a young girl that needs love and money to further her education. If you design your profile as a whore, you won’t find much sugar daddies to scam.

Medical Format

The medical format is similar to the hospital format. You will simply tell the client that you are sick after a while of flirting with him or her. This format is useful only after catfishing a client to love you and start needing you around. The moment you break the news that you are ill or sick to death, the client will pump money into your account. Note that the client will demand photos. Simply edit and send accident photos from your country. Alternatively, you can hire a makeup artist to design your body to look wounded and send it to the client.

Inheritance Format

In the inheritance format, you have to convince a desperate client that you have money, but that you need him/her to do you a financial favor. Promise to share your wealth with the client, and the client will be willing to give you any amount of money he/she can afford. You can even tell the client that you are an Arab prince or an African prince with so much money.


Well, scammers should know how to hack. As a beginner learning how to become a successful illegal internet merchant, you do not require this format yet. After mastering the art of yahoo scam, you can then proceed to learn how to hack. With hacking skills, you can hack the Facebook account of clients and use it to scam his Facebook friends for money.


The carding format is a different niche of hustling as an illegal internet merchant. With carding skills, you can card popular markets such as Amazon,, etc. You will also need access to the dark web to be able to buy the required CC details for carding. Alternatively, you can phish your client to give you credit card details and then use it to card successfully.

Final Thought

Right now, the latest scamming formats are what you require to cash out from the scamming industry. The outdated formats no longer work and you risk getting caught if you continue with the obsolete scam formats for money.

Nonetheless, scamming is illegal and punishable by the law. All you read here are primarily tons of researches that take several weeks to compile and bring to you. Make sure not to scam unless you are willing to face the consequences.

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