The flashy website of Modern Cheongsam Singapore promises high-quality cheongsam dresses at affordable prices, with an easy online ordering process. But are they really as good as they seem?

In this extensive review, we dug deep into customer reviews, analyzed the website and business practices of Modern Cheongsam Singapore to determine – is this an opportunity to find trendy Chinese dresses, or is it just too good to be true?

How Does Modern Cheongsam Singapore Work?


On the surface, Modern Cheongsam Singapore appears to be a standard online retailer. They operate a simple website where you can browse their inventory of cheongsam dresses, read product descriptions and reviews, and add items to your cart.

The checkout process is also straightforward – you enter your shipping and billing details, payment information, and place the order.

Modern Cheongsam Singapore accepts major credit/debit cards as well as PayPal payments. For international orders, they promise free shipping on all orders over $200 SGD.

After ordering, they claim most items will ship within 3-5 business days. You can supposedly track your order status online.

If for any reason you need to return an item, they offer a 30-day return policy for refunds or exchanges.

So far, everything seems above board for an online dress retailer. But upon deeper investigation, there are some questionable practices and inconsistencies that raise red flags.

Customer Service Issues Plague Modern Cheongsam Singapore

One of the biggest and most consistent complaints about Modern Cheongsam Singapore comes down to poor customer service and lack of communication.

When browsing reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Facebook, among the top complaints are:

  •  Long delays in responding to support tickets or emails. Customers report waiting weeks or months without any replies.
  •  Orders getting “lost” with no shipping updates provided. Even after contacting customer support, no resolutions offered.
  •  Inability to return damaged or wrong items due to lack of responses from the company.
  •  Invalid address/phone number listed on website for “contact us” inquiries. Messages go unanswered.
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This is a major red flag. A reputable company should have responsive, competent customer service to address any issues that arise with orders. The fact that Modern Cheongsam Singapore seems largely unreachable suggests disorganization at best, and an attempt to ignore complaints at worst.

No business can please every customer, but to have such consistent multi-week response issues shows a deeper problem with how they handle communication.

This greatly diminishes trust in their ability to properly fulfill and support orders.

Where Are Orders Really Being Fulfilled From?

A oddity we noticed is that while the website is registered to Singapore, some shipping addresses provided to customers actually originate from China.

For example, on Trustpilot there are reviews from customers in Europe and North America who received their orders shipped direct from China, not Singapore as advertised.

The shipping timeframes were also longer than estimated on the website.

This mismatch is troubling as it implies orders may not truly be fulfilled locally as promised. Could inventory and fulfillment actually be handled through a third party operation in China, with Modern Cheongsam Singapore essentially acting as a web front?

The company provides no transparency around their logistics or manufacturing. And given the customer service issues, they seem uninterested or unable to clarify inconsistencies like this.

Operating out of multiple undisclosed locations breeds suspicion of illegitimacy.

Who Really Owns Modern Cheongsam Singapore?

Another odd finding was the lack of publicly available information on the ownership and leadership behind Modern Cheongsam Singapore.

A whois lookup on their domain name only lists a private registration, providing no names, phone numbers or physical address other than a PO Box. Searching company registers and public records turns up nothing either.

Business listings and profiles are strangely absent as well on sites like Crunchbase, LinkedIn or other databases. You’d think a legitimate retailer would want to bolster their credibility and reputation by openly identifying themselves.

The anonymity here combined with poor communication feeds into perceptions that Modern Cheongsam Singapore could potentially be concealing problematic business practices by staying in the shadows. Legitimate retailers usually don’t have issues disclosing ownership details.

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Product Quality and Accuracy Concerns

In addition to service nightmares, many customers also report receiving dresses from Modern Cheongsam Singapore that varied substantially from advertised images and descriptions:

  •  Fabrics felt low quality, see-through or poorly constructed compared to photos.
  •  Sizing was inconsistent or did not match the size chart. Many reported items ran small.
  •  Colors looked nothing like on the website and had a cheap washed out look.
  •  Important dress details like embroidery, beading or stitching were missing or sloppy.
  •  Tags and labels did not reflect advertised brand names as implied.

Some reviews showed comparison photos between what arrived versus what was promoted.

It was clear most items were not produced to the same standard seen in listings.

While minor variances happen with any product, the frequency and magnitude of reported deviations at Modern Cheongsam Singapore leads one to believe photos may be artificially enhancing the actual dresses, setting false expectations.

Fake Or Misleading Reviews?

Looking closely, some reviews posted on the Modern Cheongsam Singapore website did not seem entirely genuine.

Many were short, generic one-liners praising the product quality without any details.

Additionally, we found the same glowing five-star reviews copy-pasted across multiple dresses. If actual customers, why wouldn’t they comment specifically on the given item?

Upon searching phrases from these “reviews” online, some text was traced back to known datasets of randomized fake consumer feedback.

It’s highly possible Modern Cheongsam Singapore has artificially boosted their products ratings by posting deceptive or computer-generated comments astroturfing positive sentiment. Legit reviews should be original, uncloned feedback tied to a real purchasing experience.

Is Modern Cheongsam Singapore Really a Scam?

After evaluating all available evidence – from direct customer complaints to inconsistencies on the website to fishy business practices – there are just too many red flags with Modern Cheongsam Singapore to consider them a trustworthy retailer.

While they may fulfill some legitimate orders to string buyers along, their systematic problems with communication, fulfillment, quality and misrepresentation indicate an operation willing to deceive customers for profit, showing all signs characteristic of an online dropshipping scam.

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Reputable companies don’t have so many complaints about quality discrepancies, fulfillment issues and are upfront about all aspects of their business. Modern Cheongsam Singapore fails on transparency at every level.

Our conclusion is that unless they make major operational changes to remedy glaring problems, it’s not worth taking a risk ordering from them when other ethical retailers exist.

Buyers should steer clear and consider this company illegitimate until proven otherwise. Caveat emptor!

FAQs About Modern Cheongsam Singapore

Can I get a refund if my order never arrives?

Due to Modern Cheongsam Singapore’s lack of responsiveness to customer issues, getting a refund in this scenario would likely require a chargeback via your bank or credit card company, which is an inconvenience to the buyer.

QTheir terms claim refunds/returns within 30 days but in practice seem impossible to enact.

Are the dresses legitimate brands as claimed?

Based on reviews, many items arrive unlabeled or with cheap-looking tags that do not match brands promoted on the site.

Photos are likely either stock images licensed from manufacturers or embellished renditions of the actual unbranded garments sold.

Why can’t I find reviews from Singapore customers?

Singaporeans may have caught on quicker that it’s not truly a local business. Most positive reviews come from countries where address discrepancies could go unnoticed, hiding that it’s more an international dropshipping front than Singapore-based.

What alternatives are better than Modern Cheongsam


For higher quality cheongsam dresses and a smoother shopping experience, consider retailers like Taobao, Yesstyle, Style Theory or local boutiques in major cities like Katong Laundry in Singapore that have proven track records of happy customers.Buying from transparent businesses with a physical presence is lower risk.

In closing, we hope this in-depth analysis has been insightful and helps any prospective customers of Modern Cheongsam Singapore make an informed decision about whether dealing with this company is truly worth the gamble.

Let this serve as a warning – if aspects like communication, logistics or reviews seem questionable, that’s often a seller that prioritizes profits over customer satisfaction. Shop carefully and support trustworthy businesses for the best outcomes.