NABTEB Syllabus 2022 [All Subjects] | May/June & Nov/Dec in PDF


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Download NABTEB General Education (Ordinary Level), General Certificate in Education (Advanced Level) Business Education and Technical Trades All Subjects Syllabus In PDF [Course Policies, Rules and Regulations, Required Text Books, Schedule of Assignments/Works, Examination Structure/Scheme] For May/June and November/December Examination for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 Session.

The National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) was established through Decree No. 70 (Now Act 70) of 1993.

Among other functions, the Board has responsibility for the general conduct of craft level Technical and Business Examinations hitherto conducted by various bodies, notably the Royal Society of Arts of London (RSA), City and Guilds of London Institute as well as Technical & Business Examinations conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC). In addition, the Board has the statutory mandate to:

a) Conduct other specified examinations on behalf of, or in collaboration with other examination bodies or agencies;

b) Issue results and certificates and make awards in examinations conducted by it;

c) Monitor, collect and keep records of continuous assessment in Technical Colleges and Allied Institutions towards the awards of certificates In National Business and Technical Examinations; and,

d) Conduct research, publish statistics and other information in order to develop appropriate examinations, tests and syllabi in technical and business studies.

The Board has carefully released the Syllabus for all students wishing to sit for their examinations to download in electronic format.

A syllabus is a specially created guide to a course and what will be expected of candidate in the course.

It will include course policies, rules and regulations, required texts, and a schedule of assignments/work. The syllabus has been a special assistance tool that many people have benefited from. It equips, informs and prepares candidates ahead examination.

This compendium on syllabi has been carefully collated and explicitly designed by subject experts to assist prospective candidates wishing to sit for NABTEB examinations.

The collection covers the three aspects of the Board’s syllabi: General Education, Business Education and Technical Trades.

The choice of the Subjects/Trades addressed in this volume is in response to the performance of the candidates in those areas and their relevance to the goals of Technical and Business Education in general.

Prospective candidates will find the efforts put together in this volume very rewarding.

NABTEB e-Syllabus PDF Download 2022 | May/June & Nov/Dec

1. NABTEB General Education Syllabi

  •  NABTEB English Language Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Mathematics Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Economics Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Physics Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Chemistry Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Biology Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Literature In English Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Agricultural Science Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Civic Education Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Geography Syllabus
  • NABTEB Animal Husbandry Syllabus

2. NABTEB General Certificate in Education (Advanced Level) Syllabi

  •  NABTEB Advanced Mathematics Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Advanced Economics Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Advanced Physics Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Advanced Chemistry Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Advanced Biology Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Advanced Literature In English Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Advanced Geography Syllabus
  • NABTEB Advanced Business Management Syllabus
  • NABTEB Advanced Government Syllabus
  • NABTEB Advanced Financial Accounting Syllabus

3. NABTEB Trade Related Subjects Syllabi

  •  NABTEB General Metal Work Syllabus
  •  NABTEB General Wood Work Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Building-Engineering Drawing Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Basic Electricity Syllabus

4. NABTEB Engineering Trade Subjects Syllabi

  •  NABTEB Agricultural Equipment and Implement Mechanic Works Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Appliance Maintenance Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Automobile Electrical Works Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Electrical Inst. and Maintenance Work Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Electronics Works Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Fabrication and Welding Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Fisheries Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Foundry Craft Practice Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Instrument Mechanics Works Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Light Vehicle Body Repair Work Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Marine Engineering Craft Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Motor Vehicle Mechanics Work Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Photography Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Work Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Ship Building Craft Practice Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Vehicle Body Building Syllabus

5. NABTEB Building-Construction Trade Subjects Syllabi

  •  NABTEB Bricklaying, Block laying and Concreting Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Carpentry and Joinery Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Draughtsmanship Craft Practice Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Furniture Making Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Machine Wood Work Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Painting and Decorating Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Syllabus

6. NABTEB Business Trade Subjects Syllabi

  •  NABTEB Typewriting 35 wpm Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Shorthand 80 wpm Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Office Practice Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Financial Accounting Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Salesmanship Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Commerce Syllabus

7. NABTEB Miscellaneous Trade Subjects Syllabi

  •  NABTEB Basic Catering and Food Service Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Ceramics Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Cosmetology Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Graphics Art Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Ladies Garment Making Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Leather Trades Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Men’s Garment Making Syllabus
  •  NABTEB Printing Craft Practice Syllabus
  •  NABETB Textile Trades Syllabus
  • NABTEB Tourism Syllabus

Generally, Candidates can also download the NABTEB ‘Examination Structure/Scheme’. Which is quite similar to the syllabus.

This is similar to Syllabus as it will introduce one to the course details, compulsory subject(s) to be taken in each Trade, Schedules etc.

Examination Scheme is very useful and it is published per examination session i.e. different examination scheme for May/June and Nov/Dec in different year.

Below is the downloadable copy of the Examination Scheme for May/June and Nov/Dec which candidates can study.


  • Download NABTEB 2021/2022 May/June Examination Scheme here


  • Download NABTEB 2021/2022 Nov/Dec Examination Scheme here

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