Nigerian Credit Card Scams [Don’t Be a Victim]


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Are you aware of the latest Nigerian credit card scams? Within the last few decades, scamming has been one of the top practices. And Nigeria has witnessed the evolution of credit card scams online and offline.

Nigerian credit card scams

Credit card scams in Nigeria do not spring from just anywhere; several features such as bad governance encourage the act.

These scams evolved after the debut of credit cards in the country. Now, hustlers, disguising as entrepreneurs, formulate methods to scam credit card owners.

Nigeria houses various kinds of scammers, regularly referred to as yahoo kingpins. If you are on this webpage to learn, do so and do not practice any of the Nigerian credit card scams on this list.

Nigerian Credit Card Scams

To be successful with these credit card scams, you must be smart. You neither have to question others in the game nor dull yourself. If possible, rely on drugs and dry gins to keep up as the yahoo boys do.

The unwise scammers usually drink to stupor, which helplessly fails running the credit card scams.

Credit Card Phishing

Regarding Nigerian credit card scams, many believe that phishing is no longer effective. The answer is that most persons do not know how well to run the phishing scam. What scammers do today is different, and even the highly educated folks fall for the phishing scam.

Nigerian credit card scams

For phishing to be successful, you require good pitching, target details, and fake phone number or email address. You can as well chat up the target on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

First off, you want to introduce yourself as reliable bank staff. You may tell the target that a fraudulent transaction was filtered from their bank account and that the bank is calling or emailing to inform them.

If the target is feeble, they become afraid and ask for a solution. Now, you will ask for the credit card details – card number, CVV, and expiry date. You can commence online shopping immediately and ask them to send you the OTP on their phone for an investigation to begin.

Alternatively, you may use a site that does not require OTP for transactions.

Creating Fake Websites

This Nigerian credit card scam works best for yahoo boys willing to spend some money on developing a fake e-commerce website.

The kind of website you require is the phishing site that runs a fake e-commerce site.

You will have to set up a website with the https protocol or SSL certificate. Without the SSL, you gain complete access to the card details that people enter when buying items. And of course, the items on your website do not exist.

You don’t have to create a website that begs people to input their details. Simply hire a developer and explain what you want. Download pictures of items such as phones, laptops, etc. online and upload them to the phishing site.

Nigerian credit card scams

Advertise the site on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular forums in Nigeria with a token. Run your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) well, and you should receive site visitors within a few months.

As people enter their credit card details, they will be stored in your host account. The developer should tell you the file path where the credit card details will be held. Navigate to the file path, open, and copy out the details.

Hooking at ATM Gallery

Hooking credit card details is quite a challenging, but easy-to-succeed, credit card scam in Nigeria. The reason for the success in this form of Nigerian credit scam is the carelessness of people who visit ATMs for withdrawals. Upon arrival at an ATM gallery, you will find people carelessly handling their credit cards.

Nigerian credit card scams

The scammers, on the other hand, will capture both sides of the card without the holder’s awareness. As a yahoo boy, you can capture as many credit cards as you can before leaving the spot, but make sure not to be caught by the camera at the ATM.


  • Standard quality camera or mobile phone.
  • Intelligence

Walk closer to the target, and attempt to copy out the credit card number. If it is difficult, make use of your camera and remember to disable the flashlight and capture sound.

The credit card details you require are the CVV, card number, and Exp. Date. With these numbers, you are at least 70% close to succeeding in the credit card scam.


Skimming is an advanced method for scamming credit card details in Nigeria. With a skimmer, a G boy can successfully run the skimming scam for your credit card details.

However, since the debut of credit cards with EMV chips, the success rate of skimming is low. Nevertheless, if you install the device in a card device for someone to insert a non-EMC chip card, it will extract the data. The chances are quite slim, but skimming remains one of the active Nigerian credit card scams.

Nigerian credit card scams

The skimmer is a small chip reader that accesses the necessary credit card details. Yahoo boys simply slot in the simmer in the space people insert their credit cards. What the skimmer does is to scan the inserted credit card, in a POS or an ATM, for the credit card details.

If 50 credit cards are inserted in a day, the superficial chip will read all and store the data. When you retrieve the chip, insert it in its reader, and it will display the details of all the credit cards.

Note: You can run this scam in both POS stores, and public ATM stands. It will be quite tricky at ATM galleries installed next to banks because of the cameras and the security.

Credit Card Switching

Credit card switching is one of the Nigerian credit card scams practiced at crowded ATM galleries. Sometimes, however, it still works at ATM galleries with a few persons arriving to withdraw money.

As a G boy, you should pick other hustlers along that will cause commotion at the ATM place. During the commotion, people ignore their credit cards which are the right time to switch. You can simply hit a target’s hand for the credit card to fall off.

Immediately, bend down, pick the credit and switch with a fake credit card while handing back to the owner.

In most cases, people do not even confirm whether the credit card you give them is theirs. If the person figures out that the card is not theirs, do not hesitate to hand over and try the scam again.

Typically, the credit card switch works on older adults who usually not careful. The downside of this credit card scam, however, is that you must compensate the bad guys you invited to cause a commotion.

How Credit Card Phishing Works

This credit card phishing scam in Nigeria forces a target to call instead of calling the target. First off, the scammer will need a customized SMS or Email address for 100%.

After that, he/she will make a well-written phishing message to send to the target. Of course, not everyone falls for the message. But every 10 in 100 falls for the letter and give out their credit card details.

Moreover, the latest method no longer involves sending text messages to request bank details disguised as ban staff—all you will require as a yahoo boy is a good accent and noiseless background. You can enable a fake money counting machine sound in the background to convince the target further.

Where to Buy a Skimmer in Nigeria

The next question regards where you can get a skimmer to scam credit card owners in Nigeria.

What you have to do is figure out a trusted medium to obtain a skimmer. The device is not sold like other devices in Nigerian stores, so you ought to expect some difficulties.

The skimmer is sold online and outside of Nigeria in some dark online stores. Even Amazon and eBay sell skimmers.

Price of Skimmer

The prices of skimmers differ depending on the skimmer. The least you should get a skimmer is about 25,000 Naira. At the moment, about 34,000 Naira can purchase a new skimmer for POS.

Alternative Way to Shop with Credit Card Details

A top internet merchant like Facebook does not require credit card PIN to run ads. Most bad guys use Facebook ads as a medium to cash out from a credit card, and you may use the method too.

You will have to contact people who want to advertise their Facebook page and get paid in cash. Now, use the credit card details that you scammed to authenticate the Facebook ads. There is no trick inside, and it does not require any coding or whatever.

With just the credit card CVV, Expiry Date, and Card Number, Facebook will enable the ads and the company paying you for the ads will be satisfied. The owner of the credit card, on the other hand, will receive reductions after you are done.

Note: Make sure to use a fake Facebook account or buy a Facebook account to realize a successful scam.

Do You Need Credit Card PIN for Credit Card Scams in Nigeria?

Of course, you do not require the PIN of a target to withdraw from their bank account. Several sites use payment methods that do not require the 4-digit pin anymore. Moreover, you can also shop without the OTP on some e-commerce sites. Use such sites to buy items such as phones, jewelry, etc. You may then sell the items and recover the funds.


This piece is purely educational and does not attempt to promote credit card scams in Nigeria. This article is barely a compilation made from a series of researches. The content creators, editors and the publishers, do not, in any way, have connections with or partake in these activities.

Final Thought

I believe that you arrived on this website to read and enlighten yourself.

It is all down to you if you choose to involve yourself in any of the Nigerian credit card scams. Most importantly, you are free to use this piece to educate others near you.

Ultimately, it is left for people who wish to be enlightened to study this article and learn only. These scams happen; if you’re delving into it, do the right thing.

If you feel it’s necessary to do something that isn’t wise with this piece, then go on. But, do not let it affect the innocent persons around you.

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