SEE HIM YEYE HANDS – Nigerians Blast Odumeje Afta Dey See Am Carry Monstrance Of ‘Fake’ Blessed Sacrament


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Di viral video wey dey online bin capture di moment Prophet Odumeje bin dress inside one Catholic-like chasuble dey lift monstrance with some ‘Catholic priests’ inside one church wey dey alleged to dey located inside Delta state.

However, Nigerians bin don condemn dis act and bin don qweshun di Catholic Church wey bin allow am conduct such sacred activity with him “filthy hands”.

Watch di video:

Check out comments wey di video bin generate unda:

@ninaz.blog_I think say na only ordained priests dey allowed to touch di blessed sacrament?

@anniesam98_ Dis na mockery of di catholic doctrine if you wan form your church do as you pliz no need to copy and thereby dey mock oda pipu faith/doctrine. Dis video really bin piss me off 😡 mtchewww.

@b3rants_ How be say he dey carry di blessed sacrament, I think evritin now na joke inside di kontri.

@aneterr_a_ You fit imagine wiaa you dey touch di blessed sacrament with such yeye hands???? Di church and things of di church no longer dey regarded as sacred entities. E don finish!!😢 Our priests dey become ogbonge jokes!

@janeamaada_Wetin dis world dey turn into exactly? Which day Catholics con begin to allow anyone touch di blessed sacrament. No values left anymore in anything sad asf.

@cyndy_la_creamy_ Catholic priests I dey ashamed of una

Just imagine di impudence 😩😩😩😩see who una gave dis blessed sacrament 😢chukwu aj.

@missomaeze_Dis dey so wrong! E look like one movie though. Dat no dey luk like wetin a typical altar inside di catholic church go look like. Plus he dey in Plain clothes. No Reverend father go let am do dat! If not, di POPE gatz hear dis. lol

@bizzys3112_Dis no be Catholic Church blessed sacrament no fit dey open and pipu go dey stand with members dey stand for di alter na fake.

Meanwhile, Nigerian Catholic priest, Fr. Kelvin Ugwu don yarn say Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere wey pipu know as Odumeje, no be Christian but na mumu.

Di controversial Onitsha-based cleric wey currently dey inside tori afta he bin vow say he no go forgive comedienne Ada Jesus wey bin accuse am say he bin connive with actress Rita Edochie to stage fake miracles.

As he take yarn for Facebook on Monday, April 12, di Malawi-based priest bin state dat Odumeje and all him antics no get anything to do with Christianity.

“Becos we like to play to di gallery, becos we dey mostly neva dey sincere to ourselves, and becos we dey play too much, dat na why you go see di words “Christian”, “pastor”, and “Odumeje” inside one sentence,” Fr. Ugwu bin yarn.

“Some of you dey mistake “make you no judge” for “make you no tell di truth.” Dis na why even one Catholic Church for east gatz invite Odumeje to one of dia programs and he bin come and dey turn evri evri into one show.

“Well, for one truth, he dey entertain, dat na why I once bin write about am as di new mumu inside town. But you see, di moment you call am one Christian pastor, you shapaly insult evri evri Christianity dey tanda for”.

Meanwhile, Asaba-based native dokintar, Ofiafuluagu Chi Marine Temple don beg Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje to forgive comedienne Ada Jesus.

Chi Marine bin disclose dat he bin don forgive comedienne Ada Jesus wey bin come down with one ailment wey leave her paralyzed and no fit yarn afta she bin make damaging allegation against am, Prophet Odumeje and Actress Rita Edochie.

Di native dokintar bin state dat he no get anything anyone fit do wey dey no dey forgive, and also con yarn say him sef don forgive her becos he no know if he go live to see di next day. He also dey express hope say she go survive ailment.

We gatz recall say Ada Jesus bin accuse Prophet Odumeje say he dey connive with Rita Edochie to stage fake miracles. She bin also claim say she dey helep Rita get men wey dey sleep with her.

Fast-forward few months later, she con come down with one ailment wey bin get her incapacitated and no fit yarn afta she make di allegation for 2020.

However upon say her pipu bin bring am to di church to beg for forgiveness, Prophet Odumeje bin vow say he no go eva forgive her until she bring dos he supposedly dey ‘connive’ with for him alleged fake miracles.

Rita bin also vow say, he no go forgive di ailing Ada Jesus, but thankfully, she bin bow to pressure, and she bin put out one video dey yarn say she bin don forgive di comedienne.

Di veteran actress bin write on Instagram ;


“I dey hapi dat di WHOLE WORLD bin don see dat Ada Jesus bin frame all SORTS of LIES and bin HEAP am ontop ME. I don dey VINDICATED by Ada PREDICAMENTS. Di good LORD bin don FIGHT my BATTLE for me.

According to Odumeje, if you dey serve one true living God, He go give you money. He also bin yarn dat God na one rich God and he bin make Solomon rich.

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