See the Full Meaning of Wi-Fi, DNA And Some Other Acronyms We Make Use Of Daily


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See the Full Meaning of Wi-Fi, DNA, and Some Other Acronyms We Make Use of Daily

Acronyms are commonly used daily in the world today simply because it makes it easy to identify a lot of things. There are certain acronyms that have been put together by people just to aid easy interactions between themselves. However, there are various acronyms that are being used to identify important things, object, and organizations which we talk about and make use of in our daily life.

In this article, I would be putting you through the meaning of some popular acronyms we use daily.

1 GOOGLE: Some people might be unaware that this word actually has a full meaning which is Global Orgaigation of Orientel Group Language of Earth.

2. ATM: This is a very popular acronyms used by people regularly and it stands Automated Teller Machine.

3. POS: Just like the ATM, the POS is an acronym used for identifying a small machine used for financial transactions. The POS means Point Of Sale.

4. DSTV: It is a popular satalite used around Africa, it stands for Digital Satellite Television.

5. CCTV: This is used for security purposes and it stands for Closed-Circuit Television.

6. LASTMA: This is an acronym used by a Nigerian management authority and it stands for Lagos State traffic Management Authority.

7. MTN: This is one of the most popular mobile networks used by Nigeria. MTN means Mobile Telephone Network.

8. KPMG: A popular business organization in Nigeria which stands for Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler.

9. BVN: The important 11 digit number every bank holder must have, and it means Bank Verification Number.

10. PIN: Used for security purposes, the acronym stands for Personal Identification Number

11. PDF: For online readable documents, and it means, Portable Document Format.

12. BC/AD: BC stands for Before Christ. AD, on the other hand, stands for Anno Domini. But people erroneously refer to it as After Death of Christ.

13. FBI: This stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation. They are common in America

14. CIA: This Is also a government agency which means Central Intelligence Agency.

15. DVD: This simply means Digital Video Disk.

16. IQ: Intelligence Quotient

17. RSVP: This stands for répondez s’il vous plaît, which translates to “please respond” or “please answer.” This is mostly used when people invite you for an occasion.

18. TED: This means, Tell me, Explain to me, Describe to me. People who do public speaking mostly have a TED talk with the audience.

19. GIF: This is common to mobile phone users, and it appears like a shot video club. This stands for Graphics Interchange Format.

20. SUV: The SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle.

21. DNA: This simply means Deoxyribonucleic Acid.

22. Wi-Fi: This is Popularly used however a lot of people might not really know it’s meaning. Wi-Fi means Wireless Fidelity.

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