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Let’s say you want to be successful, you gave the desire, you gave the heart and you gave the zeal but where you are or where you live, you don’t a really have a Mentor and you don’t have a role model that you could follow and the best that you could do is you read a book to get a little bit of inspiration and to get a little bit of wisdom and knowledge from different people and different sources.

This is the most education that you can get, then what do you do well today I’m going to share one of my key secrets to success with you and it’s not quite what you think.

You see if you don’t have a role model, one of the most powerful things that you can do is to look at what everyone else is doing around you and then you do the opposite.

Why do I say this,  because the majority of the people in life they’re not succeesful, they’re loving their lives In quiet desperation and they’re not fulfilled and happy and they’re definitely not financially well off,  so if you look at what they do and you observe and pay attention and then you do the opposite, guess what?

Then there are changes that you’re on the right track, every successful person every millionaire will hear this, 5 things and you’ll hear the 5 things. 

So the first things you’ll hear is “you’ll never make it” and this they’ll say you don’t have the background, you never done this before, who do you think you are,  you’ll get that from people and they’ll say that to your face. 

The second thing that you’ll hear is that “you think you’re special” you think your somebody, you think you deserve this and these people will say it behind your back. 

Now the third thing you’ll hear is you’re a workaholic, all you care is able is money and they want go do that to diminish your character and then the fourth thing you’ll hear is,  you got lucky” you just got lucky there’s nothing special about you.

And then the fifth thing you’re going to hear is “I knew you were going to make it,  now when they run into you, when they see you on social media and then you’ll hear this 5 thins from all kinds of people. 

So when you understand this is the world that we live in. That the world is against you, don’t be so naïve and think “oh everyone is so supportive of me, they’re not supportive, people Tony want want you to succeed most people don’t want you to succeed, even after you’re successful, you’ll still meet people who are jealous of you,  who don’t like you not because of anything that you’ve done but because they want to make up a story in their own minds,  they want to believe that you must be doing something wrong that you must be doing something unethical, because that makes them feel better about themselves, haters are going to hate,  so when you meet such people when you see people talk about you and when your successful by the way people will talk about you no matter what you do? 

Now I’m going to give you 3 questions that will eliminate a lot of noise that you will also Help you to get some inner peace so before you take advice from anybody before you listen to anybody, what they say write of post,  you have to ask yourself the question.

Is it wisdom or is it opinion, most people have opinions, broke people have opinions not a lot of people have wisdom, that’s a key distinction, so you want to listen to wisdom over opinions. 

So here are 3 questions that can help you, the first question is whatever they’re satiny this advice coming from a real person that will eliminate a big chunk of the people you see on social media,  if they’re nameless, faceless, they’re hiding, they’re pretending they’re using a fake name. 

Ask yourself is that a real person that’s saying this, if not a real person, you can eliminate that advice right there and then,  because they’ve got something to hide, the second is, has this person produced the results that I want, whatever advice you’re thinking kg listening to. 

Has this person product the results that I want so your friends are telling you don’t go to college or you shouldn’t go to college or you should do this or you should invest in this and you should buy this and you should do whatever it us that they want you to do, has this person produced the results that I want. 

So that eliminates a lot of noise that leaves you with only a tiny handful of people other than you should listen to Period.

Here’s a third question that can help you is the criticizer the person that’s criticizing more successful than the criticizee.

When you observe what is going on in the world, there’s no excuse to say I don’t have a role model it doesn’t matter, just look at what everyone else is doing and just do the opposite, then you’ll be on the tiny track,  if everybody says things a certain way then do things a certain way, which you know majority of them are not successful, just simply do the opposite because you don’t need someonr hand holding you all the time, maybe you don’t have that privilege it doesn’t stop you. 

Just look at what everybody else is doing look at what your friends are doing and do the opposite, if they’re spending two to 3 hours a day watching TV or playing video games.

Guess what you should be doing? 

Doing the opposite, read a book, watch something that would help you if you see everybody going one oath doing one thing do the opposite but you see it sounds so easy to do,  but it’s not easy to do because it requires you to do such a strong will known what you want,  knowing that the word is against you, and knowing that even when you’re successful they don’t support you, you have to be okay with that that time is one of the jets also knowing the difference between wisdom and opinions, from there you have clarity and with clarity comes power.

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