Three Lessons To Learn From This Student Who Died


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Alot of strange things are happening, this December is a month we all have to be very careful and prayerful.

On 17th of December 2020, a young man identified as Uzoma Julius Onyedikachi died in a very sad way. The Young Julius was in HND1, studying to be a business administrator in Akanuibiam federal Polytechnic Unwana, Ebonyi State.

He reportedly concluded his first semester exams on the 7th of December, but chose to remain in school for a while before traveling home.

While in school, Julius and his friends went to a beach in the village where the school is sited, they all went to take photos, eat snacks and enjoy themselves.

While at the beach, Julius saw little children jumping into the river from the top of a small bridge constructed there, so he told his friends that he could do the same.

They all argued, so he decided to clear their doubts by jumping in, that was how he drowned.

(A screenshot that confirms his death)

These are the three lessons we should all learn from his death.

1. Never try to please people just to make a point: He Died because he tried to impress his friends, and clear their doubts that he could jump in.

2. Never enter a river you’re not familiar with: This has led to the deaths of so many people, do not enter any river you’re not familiar with, the world is filled with so many strange things.

3. Don’t allow what you see move you: He was moved to jump into the river after seeing how those little kids were jumping in, not knowing that those kids understand the river very well.

Please share this article to everyone you know, you might be saving someone.

What do you think of his death?

Say something through the comment section below, and also say a prayer for his soul.

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