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Now another example of chemical reactions would be what happens during photosynthesis, now photosynthesis itself is a system but we can say that each molecule that’s involved in the process of photosynthesis would also be it’s own system, so in order for photosynthesis to happen, what happens is that the plant absorbs sunlight and it also absorb water which is h2o and carbon dioxide from the air that we breathe out and other animal breaths out in the form of CO2, so these are what those particular molecules look like so which you’ll note is that you have the particular atoms and we have let’s sat an H2o and we have 2 hydrogen atoms and we have one oxygen atom and we have them bonded together by those little links that goes in between each of the atoms, so that means that it’s own molecule and it creates it’s own substance in the form of water,  so the sane thing goes with the CO2, we have the carbon atoms, we have the 2 oxygen atom and those are bonded together similarly to create carbon dioxide.

So what happens when the plant absorbs this and the sunlight at the same time is that those bonds between the atoms and they recognize to create a brand new substance, so if we have lot and lot of these different types of molecules what will eventually result is a chemical reactions C6HRo and C6H12o6 is the chemical name for glucose and glucose happens to be what the plant eats, and xi that’s the importance of the relationship there and once that relationship switches now, we gave a new system in the form of glucose, that has a brand new function and it’s function is to feed plant, so we may take away here, looking at this just exactly how important the relationship between parts so you might think that well if the part in the system and the part in the system or similar then it’s essentially you’re going to have about the sane function when that’s not true but at all,  so if we look at the CO2 and H2o they both have a lot of oxygen in turn but at the same time, they’re two totally different compounds, so. I have a chemistry joke related to this, so two chemist walked in the bar and one orders an H2O and the bar tender gives it to him and he drinks it, the second chemist said “I’ll take an H2O too and the bartender gives it to him and he drinks it and dies.

Because H2O2 is a totally different substance from H20, H2O2 is actually hydrogen peroxide, so. Again we have parts, the relationship between the part and then we have the function or the behavior that it produces.

So what I’m going to do next IE to post up some examples, so you can just have it as an idea of what makes up a system.

So first we have the eco system

  • The society
  • Humanity at large
  • The cosmos
  • A solar system
  • The human psyche
  • The human body
  • An ant colony
  • The stock market
  • An atoms

So even though the solar system consist of parts and relationships between those parts and their functions, a system itself can function as a part within an other system, one example of this would be the human heart,  so a heart has parts, in the form of ventricles and arteries and even the blood can be considered part of the heart system.

And they all have a specific relationship to each other in a very specific one at that,  and the function of it all us to pump blood through the veins so that it carries oxygen all through out your body, despite the fact that the human heart is a system it is also part of a larger system, so the parts of that larger system Of the human body would be like the heart, the liver, the lungs, the kidney and all of the internal organs and all of the other things that makes being through the impossible and those things all have a very specific relationship to one another and again it’s important that it’s specific because if you have things any other way it just really wouldn’t work out, but the function of all those systems working tither is to keep the human body alive, alright so far, my stated purpose I’m most interested in systems thinking regarding the ability for integration on the individual level Di if we look at our psyche, we cab recognize that our psyche is itself a very complex system and so if we understand how that complex system works.

Then we might be able to address some of the issues that we have better because we can understand that there are things that are unconscious and we can sort of  be able to do our system works in all of our inner work, just a bit more effective in that system works and I’m also intrigued that the possibilities of taking thatalmost on the macro-level and To Help society as a while with their problems because essentially a society functions almost similar to the easy that the human psyche functions, you find that s lot of things that would be like a repression on the level of the Individual human psyche would be allot like a repression on the greater society, you know and there’s all kind of laden potentialities within the psyche,  so I’m really interested in basically being able to in a some pin point,  the deepest barriers to our progress, as humanity and to be able to remove those, so that we can naturally expand our consciousness as a while group of people, so. I’m really interested in those two possibilities that are connected to systems thinking also relative to that last point I talked a lot how allsystems require the tin and yang to function and what’s basically the combination between these two subtle energys that create a system so thus I’m going to get more.

And in fact,  systems thinking is quite a mixture of Tin and yang because it requires a certain degree of analysis which us very yang, bit it requires also holistic thinking that’s very tin,  so a lot of time we have a tendency to approach problems at a tin level and a lot of out things are very yang oriented but the balance in the favour of yang and so if we do that we won’t be able to understand the system, we can understand reductions and logic but no so much holistic systems, but now that I have explained the way that system thinking would and you know how s system generally works, now you’re gong to look at the psyche though the lens of systems thinking and so for the part if the article, I’m basically going to set up a model to his the psyche is,  although it doesn’t have to be quite accurate you know but of course it’s just a make,  so it’s an idea over that kind on to reality so,  in reality the mind doesn’t have this kind of clear distinction and balance under it like this, but it’s a good proximity and it can help us start to understand how the psyche works together, so in the yin and yang model we have we the ego,  which is basically the control centre of everything, it’s we we think we are, so that bundle of thoughts, that you’re identified with and we think of as a me, and Then we have the persona which us basically the social mask that we wear, so often times ego and persona are completely related, so we have our ego set in a particular way we generally like our persona to be a reflection of that ego,  you know unless we think there’s something that people won’t accept or something.

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