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Vintage Camera Apps That Give You the Perfect Retro Effect


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Vintage Camera Apps That Give You the Perfect Retro Effect

You can try opening Instagram right now and see for yourself that you will find the most common types of filters used in the majority of pictures. These common pictures and the filters used in these pictures are better known as a retro effect. We want our readers to know that you can add these effects to your pictures as well by simply using some free applications that are easily available on the web these days. Lucky for you, we have discussed all of the best apps on the web right before this passage, just for our audience! So, without any delay, let us start off with the details of today’s article and the apps in it.

The Huji wave has taken the world by storm and it is safe to say that the community is still obsessed with vintage filters.

Selena Gomez’s Huji-filtered photo / Image courtesy of Instagram

This app gained fame after pop sensation Selena Gomez posted a picture that was generated using the app.

The picture got the internet talking and before we knew it, Huji saw a tremendous and awe-inducing number of downloads from people all around the world.

The app not only became mandatory amongst Instagram users but also paved way for the comeback of the retro filter.

Ever since, this genre of picture or to be more precise, edit, has only been gaining more and more popularity amongst people, young and old.

These pictures are sought after, trendy and worth trying your hand at.

Here are five apps that help you achieve that vintage effect for the perfect retro feel.

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HUJI Cameras Application

As mentioned earlier, this is a free application that can be used by anyone and everywhere. Our readers should simply know that this application is the most popular application on the web, and this is all because of its vintage filters. This application is the one that has been endorsed by many celebrities and famous people, including Salena Gomez! So this app must be included in the list of the top best apps on the web. This camera application has the best filers that make your pictures have a look of the 90s! This application also has many other features, including light leaks.

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1998 Cam app

Now, this is yet another camera application that our readers should know about. This application is also ranked among the top camera apps on the web. You can download this application on the android or even on the IOS systems from their respective app stores. This application became more important in 2019 after its update. This is one of the friendliest apps on the web these days. As the name of the application tells us, this app has the expertise to give your pictures/image the look and feel of 1998! The camera filters of this app are very extensive and attractive. It is one of the trendy vintage camera apps.

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Camera Filters for Instagram – Lomography

If you want an application with the same and attractive Instagram filters for regular use, then this camera filter app by the CA apps is one of the best apps that you can find on the web. We want our readers to know that this camera application will take your photography to the next and a mature level. Our readers should know that this camera app can be used as a default or as the secondary application on your mobile device. The retro camera effects of this app are the best that you can find on the web. the app has very attractive features; some of them are given below:

  • This camera app has the best darkroom filter you can find on the web.
  • This application has the best film filter that makes your picture look very dashy.
  • The app has the best Hipstamatic camera effect.
  • The cinematic effect of this vintage camera app is a pro one!
  • The polaroid effect of this app is very interesting in use.
  • The old retro effects by this app give your picture a look for the 90s.

We want our readers to use this app if they want a free platform with professional features.

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Retro cam application

This camera application, as the name tells us, has its own expertise in retro effects. This app can help you in enhancing your pictures by giving you the perfect glitch option. You can edit your pictures very easily with the help of this application. The app is one of the top-rated apps on the web, and that is why we want you peeps to use this app at least once for the experience. This app is available for both android and IOS devices, and that is why it is loved by the majority of people all around the globe. The app is free to use and can be used by anyone regardless of age and location.

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Neptune camera application

Now, this is a remarkably interesting camera application that you should know about. It is one of the reputed family members of the retro and vintage camera apps. Not only this application has a good reputation in capturing images but has a lot of repute in editing pictures taken from the conventional camera of your device. This app is not free but is extremely affordable, as it will not cost you over one dollar per month with complete premium features. The quality of the pictures by this application is remarkably fine, and they give a very professional look to your images.


Snapseed, though extremely popular with users, is not exactly a “vintage camera editing app”. It is an all round editing app that has a large number of patrons who swear by its amazing potential.

Adding on to its various usages, Snapseed can be used to edit pictures and make them look like they are straight out of a retrowave music video. Vintage Camera Apps That Give You the Perfect Retro Effect.

This app does not provide you with scratches, time stamp options or the light leak effect that we’ve spoken about in excess.

What it does provide is a whole range of grain filters that can be applied to your pictures.

These filters and be adjusted according to the kind of intensity you are going for and the come with a wide variety of color schemes that one can pick and choose from.

An added benefit to using this app, not taking into account the above mentioned missing features that every other retro cam app provides, is that you can correct and edit your pictures in the app before or after applying the grain effect with saturation correction, a series of other filters, a good set of Black and White effects and many more facilities available at our disposal.

This app can be used along with other photo editing apps in order to complement the picture in a very desirable way and come up with stellar outcome that is like no other you’ve ever come across. Vintage Camera Apps That Give You the Perfect Retro Effect.


For those of you who are in desperate search of vintage apps with camera filter giving retro feels should definitely try using these apps that we have discussed above!

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