WAEC 2020:Good news for all WAEC candidates. Clear all your papers at once with these tips

The West African Senior School Certificate examination, WASSCE is a very crucial and important exam for all students that intend to further their education from high school to college in West Africa. With such importance attached to this exam, it is not one to joke with.

From the inception of this exam, people have been successfully clearing their papers while some have been able to do so. However, those that are not able to clear their papers make some mistakes that are inimical to their success.

It is not because people do not know what they are supposed to write, that they fail, but it is because they failed to put some things into consideration. So to avoid such mistakes, I want to give you some very useful tips on how to easily pass the exam. Before we dive in, please like and follow my page for more articles.

Passing WAEC is actually very simple and am sure you will too, if you use these simple tips.

Study hard

A lot of people believe in the small work big gain principle. This notion is very wrong. As a student preparing for WAEC, you should make sure you read not only your books, but textbooks as well.You should never rely on anyone or what they call ‘expo’.You should be able to read your book, digest what you’ve read and then divulge it in the exam hall.

As a student that wants to pass WAEC in flying colors, you need to study very hard. I’m very sure that if you take your time and red very well, the exam would be very easy for you.

Make use of your syllabus

One big mistakes people make when writing WAEC is studying without the syllabus. People often complain that what they read didn’t come out in the exam. The question however is why would it? Did you take your time to study the syllabus?As a WAEC candidate, you should be very conversant with your syllabus.

Through the syllabus, you would be able to know topics that would be tested in the exam. So,you would not read off context. You can download the WAEC syllabus online in PDF format and make use of it on your phone or laptop.

Practice past questions

Another tip to clear all your papers at once is practicing past questions. Through past questions, you have access to questions that have been asked before in various subjects. Not only do you have access to past questions, but you also get to know how those questions are set. You get to know the format that is followed in setting the exam questions.

You can also use past questions to test your capabilities. To be sure that you really understand all you’ve read, you can pick up your past questions and test yourself by answering various questions.

Manage your time properly

One of the greatest problems in the world is time management. People often wish that the day contains more hours than just 24 hours. This wish however, is as a result of their inability to manage their time. As a student preparing for such a life defining exam, you should know how to manage your time. Draw a timetable for yourself, and allocate certain hours to each subject.When you do this, I’m very sure you’ll see good results.

Know your priorities

Another thing is to know what your priorities are. You need to set your priorities right. This is not the time to play around or while away your one on facebook,whatsapp ,instagram and all social media platforms. I know that with the coronavirus pandemic and the issue of not knowing whether you would write the exam or not can be disheartening but still, you have to be prepared. Do not give room for doubt in your mind.

Prepare yourself and know your priorities. It is often said that he who fails to prepare has prepared to fail. So also, he who has succeeded in preparing has prepared to succeed. So, please and please make use of this tips in your exam and I know the good Lord will crown your efforts with success.

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