About Us


At Legitsource, our mission is to empower people to make informed decisions and avoid online scams. We provide thoroughly researched reviews on products, apps, services, and money-making platforms to give you the facts you need to know.

In today’s digital world, it can be challenging to determine what is real versus a scam. The internet opens up endless money-making opportunities, but also makes way for countless shady schemes and fake offers.

We launched Legitsource to be your guiding light in navigating the chaotic online space.

Our Story

Legitsource began as a personal quest for truth. Our founder, Joshua Monroe, had a negative experience falling for an online scam. This experience revealed just how convincing these scams could be.

After digging deeper, Josh realized scam awareness resources were limited. People needed an unbiased platform highlighting legitimate versus fraudulent opportunities.

And so, Legitsource was born.

Launched in 2021, Legitsource began reviewing popular money-making platforms used by Nigerians. We focused on exposing scams and verifying legitimate websites and apps to earn online.

Over the years, Legitsource has expanded into reviewing product sellers, services, and even mobile apps for security and reliability. Our mission remains to uncover the truth so you can avoid scams.

How We Work

Our team employs meticulous research and investigation to create every review. Here is an inside look at our review process:

  • We extensively study websites, apps, or services through first-hand testing. This reveals user experience, ease of use, payment systems, etc.
  • Examine company background including registration, corporate details, physical address, and legal standing. This uncovers potential red flags.
  • Compile and analyze user reviews from multiple platforms. This provides insights into real customer satisfaction.
  • Review payment proofs and money withdrawal systems. We test payout reliability.
  • Perform background checks on founders and operators via social media and public records.
  • Compare claims versus actual performance. This reveals false advertising and mismatches.
  • Check for certifications, licenses, and partnerships. Verified affiliations demonstrate credibility.
  • Consider scale, longevity, transparency, and other factors relating to reputation.
  • Interview experts and industry contacts to gain insider perspectives.

Our priority is always on people’s safety and security. We take care to provide objective assessments so you can weigh options prudently.

Meet Our Team

Legitsource’s trusted reviews are produced by our passionate team of experienced researchers:

  • [Joshua Monroe – Founder and CEO]
  • [Diyo Matalo – COO]
  • [Abisola Oshoala – Investigative Head]
  • [Don Billy- Senior Editor]
  • [Samar Nassar – Writing Team]
  • [Lekan Adeyemo – Design and Web Expert]

Collectively, our team offers decades of experience in scam investigation, cybersecurity, consumer research, journalism, digital marketing, and content creation. We take pride in producing well-balanced, thoroughly-researched reviews.

The Legitsource Difference

What sets Legitsource apart in the scam awareness and review space?

We’re reader-focused

Our loyalty lies 100% with our readers, not the brands we review. We provide transparent assessments to protect people, not promote companies. You can trust us to tell the truth.

We avoid bias

Too many reviewers today are easily swayed by money, PR messaging, or personal agendas. We pride ourselves on unbiased, objective analysis in the interest of consumers.

We simplify complex topics

Scams and cyber threats are complex by nature. We break down technicalities using simple language and practical insights everyone can understand and use. Knowledge is power.

We update regularly

The online environment evolves rapidly. We recognize this by updating existing reviews frequently. Outdated information helps no one.

We welcome feedback

Our open line of communication allows readers to provide suggestions, share experiences, and alert us to new areas requiring investigation. Your voice matters.

At Legitsource, we empower people to avoid scams and make optimal choices online. Discover how our meticulously researched reviews can guide you towards greater safety and success.