When you see a scorpion, don’t kill it, do this to it instead as it might make you a billionaire

We all know that scorpions are dangerous creatures, whose venom can send their victim to hell and also at the same time make it come back to life. They are everywhere around us and also just like I do see scorpions in my room, you might also be seeing it in your room also.

However, there is a secret in scorpion which most people do not know about that can make one become a millionaire in US dollars and make one become a billionaire in Nigerian Naira.

According to fact, the venoms of dangerous scorpions which you do see around your environment and kill, is the most expensive liquid substance in the world, as one gallon of it venom can make you abundantly rich.

According to MYTH AND FACT, the liquid of a scorpion’s venom per gallon amounts to $38,858.507, which is making it the most expensive liquid on the planet.

So, whenever you see a scorpion, do not kill it, but instead, try to extract it venom from it into a container and keep preserving it till you get as much as possible.

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