Rag day gone wrong. See pictures of students who took rag day to another level

Meaning and origin of rag day in Nigeria

Rag day, to Nigerian students is a day mapped out by the school Student Union Government (SUG) in agreement with the school management and authorities. It is a day when students are allowed to dress raggedly. They wear torn clothes moving about with tin containers smiling all the way. Good hearted Nigerians who love doing charity works may decide to give them something. These raggedly dressed students would always do something to make people smile or laugh.

Rag day is celebrated in most countries like the UK, Netherlands, South Africa and so on. Even though they may not be celebrated the same that Nigerians celebrate theirs, but there is resemblance.

In Nigeria, rag day is always a thing of joy. Most students always prepare ahead of time. They know where to go to make money. But some funny students always take theirs to another dimension. If you didn’t look very well, you may mistake them for mad person and you may take to your heels. So today, I’ll be bringing to you, some these weird rad day pictures of these Nigerian students. Don’t laugh alone, kindly share. See pictures below.

Hilarious rag day pictures

So these are the hilarious pictures from these funny Nigerian students in the name of rag day.

Personally, I am not a fan of rag day, but I enjoy seeing people doing it. Throughout my school days, I never did rag day for once and I’m regretting it now. Truly I tell you, if you miss the fun of rag day, you have missed a great fun.

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