The mobile phone is private property but many are always eager to see what others have on their phone. Password on the phone is a big way to keep intruders out of your business. The password is mostly known only by the owners of the phone.

Many couple have had to quarrel over password issues, many spouses reasoned that their partners must be keeping a big secret if they refuse to reveal the password of their phone. While some are of the school of thought that a phone is personal property and will refuse to disclose their password no matter the sentiment involved.

Couples have had a serious misunderstanding over refusal to disclose passwords to each other. While one partner demands the password of their partner, the partner is adamant in not disclosing it and accusations come into play because of the refusal.

Even with a password on your phone some still try to prey on your personal space. Keep the busybodies away, use any of these funny screensavers to put the intruders away.

Enjoy your phone.

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