Wonders of the Ocean”- 21 mysterious things found under the Ocean. (Photos)

Over 70 percent of our world is covered by water, anyway, according to the U.S National Ocean Service, 80 percent of these remains unexplored and unmapped. In short, tons of crazy things are lurking deep down.

Through Remarkable geological formations and natural phenomena to creatures that defy imagination, modern scientific developments through which scientists are finding incredible things every year-and that’s just the work of Mother Nature.

Most underwater marine wonders aren’t even native to the great sea such as Ghost ships, entire cities and treasures are just some stunning man-made things that lie on the ocean floor, waiting to be discovered. A lot of crazy and cool stuff has been washed up on the shores of the globe. Be it love letters, whale urine, or giant Lego men, these things definitely raise questions and may even provide answers to previously unknown mysteries sometimes.

See the list and pictures of strange ocean findings, some of which have made it to the shore, and note how enigmatic the ocean can be.

See Pictures Below:

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