Five topics in Mathematics that most students don’t really understand.

Mathematics is a general subject which gives an individual the ability to think fast.

In mathematics we have simple topics like

* Addition and subtraction

* Simplification

*Equation e.t.c

There are also hard topic which 70% of students finds it difficult to understand

* Differentiation

* Pascal triangle

* Vector

* Longitude and latitude

* Bearing and distance.

Below are the definition of this topic and some images that link up to them

1. Differentiation: allows us to find the rate of change, it allows us to find the rate of change of velocity with respect to time.

This topic is difficult if you don’t have the right source to put you through.

2. Pascal triangle: Is a triangular array of binomial co-efficient. Pascal triangle is used in the solving of combination and permutation.

This is the image of a Pascal triangle. The triangle can be more than the size you are seeing if you keep on calculating.

3. Vector: Vector is an object that has both magnitude and direction. Geometrically we can picture Vector as a directed line segment.

4. Longitude and latitude: Is a co-ordinate system that enables every location on Earth be specified.

Most of this topics has to do with lines, interceptions or co-ordinate.

5. Bearing and distance: Has to do with applied knowledge, the navigation used on land and Sea is done using bearing.

So this are some of the topics most students find it difficult to cope with or understand.

Anyway people are good in what they do best.

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