WAEC REVISION: How to solve questions in an Arithmetic Progression leading to simultaneous equation.

Some students skip questions in an Arithmetic Progression as a result of not having adequate knowledge of the topic.

Examiners may be likely to test the knowledge of students by giving them word problems on a particular topic in mathematics.

We are going to look into some problems in an Arithmetic Progression and find solutions to them to enable students have knowledge on how to answer questions if it comes out in their WAEC examination .

Q1.If 8,x,y ,-4 are in an AP ,find x and y.


To get d( difference) we will deduct term 1 from term 2,or Term 2 from Term 3 etc.


The fifth term of an AP is 40 and the seventh term is 28 more than the 3rd term.find the first and 10th term.

Examine the above questions and practice more .

Practice Questions:

Q1. if -10,p,q,,20 are in an AP, find p and q.

Q2.The 8th term of an AP is 5 times the third term while the 7th term is 9 greater than the 4th term.Write the first five terms

Try to work on the above practice questions.

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