WAEC EXAMINATION: Questions You Should Expect In Mathematics (Matrix And Trigonometry)

WAEC EXAMINATION: Questions You Should Expect In Mathematics (Matrix And Trigonometry).

Students have spent more than 5 Months at he with the curiosity of knowing when they are sitting for West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

Below are the questions you should expect in mathematics on the 17th August:

PROBLEM 1. Find the determinant of the 3 x 3 matrix below


PROBLEM 2. So for the determinants of 3 x 3 matrix below


PROBLEM 3. Find the determinant of The Matrix


PROBLEM 4. An airplane is approaching point A along a straight line and at a constant altitude h. at 10:00am, the angle of elevation of the airplane is 20°, and at 10:01am it is 60°. What is the altitude h of the airplane if speed of the airplane is constant and equal to 600 miles per hour (round answer to two decimal places).


PROBLEM 5. Point p has initially coordinates (x ,y) it is then rotated by angle a about the origin to point p¹ (distance r from the origin is conserved). What are the new coordinates (x¹,y¹) of point P¹.


Make sure you carefully go through all of the above questions before you get into exams hall on Monday. Best of luck, I love you all.

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