Is this right? –Check out how this Ekiti teacher dresses to the classroom [Photos]

Teaching is a beautiful profession. Not many people see this, but this job requires a very passionate, patient, and hardworking person. In Nigeria, teachers tends to get very little to no attention, probably because of how the system made things, but this should be all the more reason why we should appreciate a good teacher when we see one.

Just recently, a picture was uploaded by one Wale Ojo Lanre on facebook, showing the picture of a teacher in Ekiti state identified as Ajibola Oluwakemi Bolanle. The unique thing about this Economics and mathematics teacher, who teaches in a local school called united high school, in Ilawe area of Ekiti state, is her behaviour of wearing school uniform to classroom.

I don’t know if her mode of dressing can be considered professional, but what I see here is a woman has passion for her job and wants to connect with her pupils.

Mrs Oluwakemi Bolanle with her students

As far as ethics is concerned, and professional dressing is seen, I know there are lots of people out there who may consider how this teacher dresses to class as unprofessional. However, Mrs. Bolanle may not see it that way, as her behaviour may be productive, and helps her feel as part of the children, but does it make it right?

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