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5 Best Games like Overwatch for Android Mobiles [Free APK Downloads]

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Coming as one of the best team-based first-person shooter multiplayer games, Overwatch has grown to make a name for itself in the video gaming industry. In this game, the players are arranged into two teams, with each team having around six players each, and each player being able to choose from over 30 different characters, called heroes. Each character has its own style of play, unique strengths, and weaknesses.

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Players on each team will then be required to work together to either defend certain points on the map or escort a payload across the map in a set time. Presently, Blizzard has only released this game for players on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

Android users, though, would wonder if it’s possible to get some good games like Overwatch for Android phones. In this article, we tried our hands on some really good games with amazing gameplay, and we were able to come up with a list of some of the best games like Overwatch for Android or to put it simply, amazing Overwatch alternatives for Android mobiles and iPhones.

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Best Games like Overwatch for Android Mobiles

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour – Best Games to Play If You Like Overwatch

One of the best games like Overwatch for Android mobiles and iPhones is Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. First, this comes as an action FPS game like Overwatch, but this time for smartphones. This game comes with chapters that attempt to push the boundaries of mobile gaming even further. The game explores events that take place in the wake of a nuclear warfare when a few elite soldiers have the job of tracking down and rescuing the world’s leaders from a terrorist group.

You’d surely appreciate the intensity of the story. You’ll be able to see both sides of the story by either playing as a soldier or a villain. The game comes with some of the best tactical movement systems you’d find on a mobile game, and you’d be able to choose between different battlefields, depending on your skill levels.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Minimum hardware requirements and APK Download

Blitz Brigade – Best Games like Overwatch for Android

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Another super cool online FPS game is Blitz Brigade. In this first-person shooter game, you’re able to team up with seven highly skilled classes and play on the same team with other players to attack your enemies together.

This game is set in a world where the military leaders of the world are actually smart people, realizing that going to another world war will be the worst decision ever. What they then did was pick the best and most trigger-happy shooters and soldiers from either side, then only these will be fighting it out in the place of the whole world.

You can either create your own squad of skilled shooters or join a winning team, you also have a wide array of weapons to try your hands on, while working hard to be a great team player. If you’re a fan of free online actions games, or pretty much any war and MMO fighting games, or other multiplayer shooters and FPS games, Blitz Brigade is one of the best.

Blitz Brigade Minimum hardware requirements and APK Download

Modern Combat Versus – Best Games like Overwatch for iOS

Another high-quality game that made it into this list of the best games like Overwatch for Android mobile devices is Modern Combat Versus. This game is the perfect fit if you’re on the lookout for games that deliver fun and innovative warfare experiences.


In Modern Combat Versus, you’d be able to choose your own agents, learn and master your role, and then defeat all your enemies on the battlefield. You’d be able to choose different agents for different gameplay and warfare styles. This game sports one of the best graphics you’d find on an FPS multiplayer game, the controls are top quality, while the game doesn’t eat up too much of your phone resources, though it eats up quite some system resources as you would expect from a game of its size and quality.

Modern Combat Versus Minimum hardware requirements and APK Download

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn – Best Games like Overwatch Free

In the Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn, you’d be able to choose between 4 classes, with all four having over 100 skills and different equipment with different skill sets and levels. This is one of the best games like Overwatch for Android and iOS devices as it’s an FPS game that has that RPG element to it.

Like Overwatch, Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn allows you to fight through maps, you’d be getting challenging quests, and it is a multiplayer game that lets you team up with other players and form teams against other foes.

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn Minimum hardware requirements and APK Download

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD – Best Games like Overwatch for Mobile

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD is another great FPS multiplayer game you should try out if you are looking for games like Overwatch for Android and iOS devices. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD delivers over 20 hours of action plus adventure, and is set in the dusty underdeveloped wastelands of Western Mundos, where the townsfolk find that their settlement is besieged by outlaws. Stranger comes along, and along with the townsfolk goes on a rampage against the outlaws.

This game comes with a fully customizable set of controls that you can resize to fit your play style. You also get a feature that allows you to fine-tune the sensitivity of movements with the virtual joystick. You’d be able to try a couple of different strategies in-game, meet the townsfolk, natives, and some enemies. I should also point out that the game is available in around 10 languages at the time of this writing, making it one for pretty much anyone.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD Minimum hardware requirements and APK Download

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