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If you actually want to make more money right now, I’m going to list some practical examples to make that happen and most importantly they actually work in pretty much anyone can do them.

Now the first way you can make more money pretty easily is a very simple one and that Is if you already have a job, ask for a rate,  I’ve done this several times in terms of getting a slightly higher commission split, when making money as a real estate agent or even just charging more for my own services,  but we can’t go on without saying sometimes the best way to make more money with very minimal effort is to simply just asking for it and here’s how.

The first thing to know your value,  it’s very important to understand exactly how much your time is worth, you cab do this by figuring out what your coworkers are making and determine from them whether or not they’re getting paid more than you, for the exact same task, you can also figure out what similar job are paying in other companies so that you can establish a baseline for how much they should bring in.

The second is to calculate how much you’re worth for the company,  if you’re bringing in additional business or a retaining existing customers and I think it’s pretty reasonable to expect that you get paid a little bit more as you become more indispensable to the company. For example as a real estate agent, once I make a few large scales early out on my career, what I did was that I printed out every single one of my transactions, I then calculated how much money I brought into the brokerage and then i took all of that information to the office manager and asked for a 15% higher commission split.

And sure enough, when I did all of that I got the raise and I did that over and over again, every single year. So I had data to prove to the company that my sales volume is increasing every single year and I’m becoming more and more valuable to the company. And I ended up making more money from this with basically 20 minutes worth of work and just be asking.

The third thing is to be reasonable with your expectations don’t be working in McDonalds flipping French fries and then expect a $250,000 a year because you clean the drink dispenser better than Larry does,  but if you’re being the company for a while and you know another similar company as well, pretty much than I think asking for a 5-15% raise is pretty reasonable, it’s pretty important that you don’t come in with a number that’s so overwhelming that they just automatically say no,  but you also want to come in at a high enough number by knowing your worth.So that way you don’t start change your self.

Now the fourth thing us that I’ve read that the best time to ask for a raise is on a Friday, now it kinds of make sense that most people are in their best mood before the weekend.  So definitely keep this in mind and fill out for your own situation, maybe your boss hates Friday cause they’re weird. So definitely play it by your but I think on average overall,  a Friday Is the best time to ask for a raise.

Now the fifth and the most important, from all of this is that multiple articles have shown that you’re more likely to get a raise it they see you’re a team player.

Now the second way to make more money that people don’t realize is by switching companies , they’re multiple studies that have shown that people who switch jobs every 2-3 years make nearly 50% more than someone who stays at one company, loyalty within a company is very rarely and ultimately job seekers really come down to you watching out for yourself. Business is no essence a business and while you should be paying a fair price for a fair service, part of running a business is to generate a profit, which means that if they can pay less for your services and get away with it. They usually will, if that means they make more profit and according to Forbes the reason why staying with a company Doesn’t work is that most companies would hire you from a base salary and then raise you up based on the percentage of what you’re earning. Although my moving to a new company all together,  you can typically start off this barking at a much higher level from the very beginning.

Companies that compete for talent will always pay significantly more for acquiring a skill for employee, so they’ll give them a lot of incentives to leave and come join then. Now in addition to that, job hoppers are believed to have a higher leaning curve,  a higher performance and also they tend to be a little bit more loyal,  because they’re taking charge of their own career that skills are sharpened , they can adopt to a variety of taxes and most importantly they know how to keep a job,  if they need one.

And all of these are qualifying that an employer would be happy to have however employees who stays at their companies for too long especially if they feel underpaid tend to produce less results and less motivated and overall less satisfied with their mouth.

So here’s what I would recommend if you’re happy with your current job then by all means stick with it, there’s nothing wrong with that, however it doesn’t hurt to just go and see whatever is out there and maybe you’ll get an offer that you can’t just pass up, because you won’t know that an offer is like that out there waiting for you if you don’t go out there and see it. If you want to play safe,  you can go out hunting for new jobs while still working at your current one. So that way you can ensure a minimal risk.

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