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9 Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners that Work


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If you must become a successful sugar baby, you need the sugar baby tips for beginners I disclose in this article.

What makes a good sugar baby is not being too submissive to a sugar daddy or a sugar mummy. It is by how you conduct yourself and the ability to accommodate your sugar lover regardless of any differences.

Typically, a successful sugar baby goes through the thorns of hatred in society. For example, if a friend or a family discovers that you make money as a sugar lover, they become different towards you.

Another setback in being a sugar baby is that you are not free to mingle with those you may be affectionate to intimately.

Of course, you owe everything to your sugar lover whose responsibility is to spend on you for intimate reasons.

How do you thrive as a beginner sugar baby?

Tips to Become a Successful Sugar Baby

In this section, I am sharing tips based on personal experiences with you.

Below are 9 sugar baby tips for beginners:

  1. Make a Diamond of Yourself

Wait, I do not mean you should create a diamond for yourself, but giving yourself the value of a diamond.

If your standard is below par, your sugar lover can only regret having you as a sugar baby.

How do you raise your standards? Is it by making huge demands? Or, does comparing your sugar lovers to others make them think highly of you? Unfortunately, most of the practices such as making huge demands and comparing the financial ability of a sugar lover to others can only discourage their urge to do more in the relationship.

I have experienced a time in my life when I felt giving value to myself was all about pride and informing a sugar lover that I am not cheap. Fine, it is okay to gives the impression that you are expensive, but it becomes a problem when you overdo it.

If you want to know what it feels like to a sugar lover for you to put up certain attitudes, imagine yourself being themselves. Sometimes, it takes a simple thought to figure out something.

  1. Bring Value to the Table

As a beginner, you believe in earning a living off the partners of another man or woman. It is okay to make a living from sugar dating, but it will make more sense if you add value to the relationship.

If you are male, for instance, you could offer to handle a certain financial aspect in the business your sugar mummy instead of being indoors, phoning them to ask about their day and requesting money.

Business-wise, a typically successful sugar baby thrives by giving financial advice to their lover or contributing to the finances. If they do not make the money, how do you expect them to spoil you?

To me, sugar dating is more of an investment than a commitment to intimacy. Before I sugar date, I want to know who I am getting involved with and they think we would be a perfect match.

Of course, you do want to entangle with a drug dealer and get shot by a rival on a precious day. The best class of citizens for beginners and professionals should be the business class. It does not have to be a multimillion business, but it would make sense if you can partake in the business directly or indirectly.

  1. Be Scarce

If you go missing most of the time, it refreshes the sugar dating. I figured out that the few successful sugar dating I hooked myself, made me more valuable.

In 2018, I was involved with two sugar dating relationships. Of course, it is risky, but I needed to experiment with the following:

  1. What happens when I limit the time I give a sugar lover.
  2. Whether it is possible to double-date for more money.

If I still had a thing with my partner, that could have been three partners!

Since I was double-dating at the time, the moments I spent with each sugar lover was limited greatly. I also needed concrete excuses to ensure that they do not need me around often. Whenever we had to meet, my sugar lovers could not help expressing how much I am missed. It meant a lot me and it also helped to limit the amount of time I give to someone that needs you for emotional and physical intimacy probably.

Do you want to be missed? If “yes,” explain to your sugar daddy or sugar mummy that would not be available always. If they ask “why”, explain that you need time to develop yourself.

A sugar baby, especially as a beginner, should not depend on a sugar daddy or a sugar mummy overly. The reason is that sugar dating is just another source of income stream.

  1. Make them Jealous

Well, the biggest secret of every sugar baby is their ability to make their sugar partners “jealous” occasionally. It must be occasionally because too much of it makes the sugar lover think that could have a skeleton in your cupboard.

A typical sugar lover, especially a sugar mummy, is jealous when they find you with another woman. Sugar daddies are equally jealous but theirs is not always outrageous.

To make a sugar partner jealous is simple, you do not have to kiss a random person in public or say to someone, “I love you.” A mere appreciation from another person is enough reason for a sugar partner to be jealous. For example, when a sugar daddy finds other guys talking you out of your pant on a dating site, he is unable to hide the jealousy. Out of anger, he might say, “you belong to me and no one else.”

When a sugar partner reacts harshly out of jealousy, it does not mean you are a slave to them, but a jealous reaction after seeing another man shooting their shot.

  1. Limit Your Intimacies

As a beginner, you should understand that the basis of sugar dating is intimacy. If there is no urge for intimacy, then I do not see why there would be sugar dating.

99% of the reason why people dislike sugar dating is intimate demand. But do not forget that nobody would do financial favors to you if they are not getting something in return.

Fortunately, I have a beginner tip for a sugar baby that intends to cut-off an intimate sugar dating partially. The bad news is that the relationship will not last.

You do not need flimsy excuses to restrict a sugar daddy or a sugar mummy from sharing an intimate life with you. What you need instead is minimal intimacy and more mental intimacy.

What is mental intimacy?

Mental intimacy occurs when you appeal to the emotions of your partner sexually. It includes sexting, telling them how lovely they are, being appreciative of everything they give you, and informing them that the relationship should not be about sex always.

  1. Make Every Moment Memorable

If you are going to make a sugar daddy or a sugar mummy spend on you as a beginner, then every time you have with them must be memorable.

They do not have to fly out of the country on a tour with you, go on a shopping spree, or secure accommodation in luxurious hotels. Memorable moments could take place even in a small room and I am not referring to making love. It could be telling each other your experiences, starting a fun game, or performing any of the trends on social media.

It is not okay to stream or upload videos of the moments you share with a sugar daddy or a sugar mummy. If their partners come across the uploads, it spells doom for the relationship and you are in trouble.

One of the things to do during your time with a sugar lover is to play a multiplayer game. You can download the application, learn how to play it, and challenge your sugar partner.

  1. Know the Right Moments

If you are new to sugar dating, one of the things you want to mastermind is how to spot the right moments in a relationship. Whether you want to make demands for money, outing, intimacy, or whatever, you ought to know the right time.

Fortunately, it is simple to know the appropriate time when dealing with a sugar lover.

Know when a sugar partner is having a bad day. For instance, when you are sending greetings to them, you should not say, “I hope you had or you are having a great day.” Instead, you say, “make sure to have a great day.”

Since you do not know how their day is going or went, you must not assume that they are having a great time. This approach encourages your sugar partner to have a great day regardless of their current feelings. It also applies to several other aspects of sugar dating.

  1. Make Fewer Demands

What keeps a sugar baby in sugar dating is the demand that could be financial, political, and social. However, when the demands are excess, your sugar lover begins to look away. Of course, they understand that you are dating them for the money, but it becomes a problem for them.

90% of the time, a beginner sugar baby thinks the higher their demands, the more respected or classy they make of themselves. The sad truth is that it makes you a “beggar”, regardless of your gender.

I believe that making fewer demands does not demean your value in the relationship.

Once, a sugar partner said, “unlike my previous sugar baby, you do not table too many requests.” I could sense that they already tripped for my classiness and feared that someone else could be spoiling me; thus, the reason I do not request from them.

I have my business, and as I mentioned earlier, sugar dating should be an additional source of income and not your primary income source.

  1. Respect their Family

It is wrong to act like you are a wife or a husband to your sugar partner. The worse is if you insult their partners or say anything to discredit your lawful partners simply to obtain a favor from them. Some things are better left the way they are instead of trying to mend and ending up spoiling it. A side chick or a sideman has no business with the family affairs of a sugar lover unless they are determined to marry them.

To be a happier sugar baby when sugar dating, focus on benefiting from your client only. A sugar daddy or a sugar mummy is your client regardless of how affectionate they may be to you. A sugar daddy, specifically, can get rid of you at any unexpected time, especially when they find another sugar baby.

When dealing with your sugar lover, watch out for their partners, and make your sugar lover understand that you respect their lawful partners. After all, you love them for the money only and not as a family.

Final Thoughts

Despite being new to sugar dating, you could still obtain the best and become successful within a few months.

Moreover, one of the best tips for a beginner sugar baby is to steer away from the lawful relationship of a sugar lover. Therefore, your business begins and ends in a sugar relationship.

Meanwhile, sometime in 2015, I recall hooking up with a manager in a certain business worth several thousand dollars. The client included me in the business and even after their sack, I continued working there. He received a new job offer from a different company though, and he has his business. In essence, other than the intimate moments, you stand a chance to enjoy a lifetime favor as a sugar baby.

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