Thanks for your interest in Tech Baze advertising campaign. Tech Baze offers both banner ads and text ads / sponsored posts. Your ads can be configured to show only on mobile or PC, or even in a specific post category or on a particular operating system. You can as well target a specific country and your ads will be shown to only people from that country. With Tech Baze Ad Campaign, you can showcase your products and services to the right audience. Note that only registered members can run ads on Tech Baze.

To place your advert on Tech Baze, the first thing you need to do is to design your Ad banner or publish your sponsored post. You can use any regular banner format and your banner should be in .jpg, .png or .gif. Once it is done, email it to [email protected]. We will contact you via email if your ad is approved. We accept virtually any type of product with the exception of adult contents and pornographic materials.

How Do You Charge? Per Click, Per Impression, Per hour, Per Day or Per Week?
You can choose to pay per impression or per click. We use Google Analytics to track clicks and impressions of Ads. We also have a built-in script that tracks each time your ad is clicked or viewed. The built-in ad report and Google Analytics report will be sent to your email at the end of your campaign.

Can I submit Animated Ads
Yes, you can

How Can I Make Payment?
If your ad is approved, we will provide you with information on how to make payment and suggestions on how to increase your ad conversion rate.

What is the minimum amount I can pay for Ads?
The minimum amount we can accept for Ads is ₦1000 for only a day.

For further inquiries concerning our Advertising campaign, call +2348138624196 or email us at [email protected]

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